Key Benefits Of Fall Arrest Blocks And Their Uses

18 April 2024 | Construction, General

A Fall Arrest System plays a vital role in safeguarding you at jobs that require you to climb or work at heights. Every professional learns how to use the fall arrest system and how to rescue or assist others.

However, these fall arrest systems have a vital component known as fall arrest blocks that come with the system, or you can purchase it separately. Let’s explore how fall arrest blocks help the entire arrest system, the key benefits, and their significance for the workers:

What Are Fall Arrest Blocks?

A fall arrest block is part of the fall safety equipment (PPE). It is also known as self-retracting lifelines or inertia reels. While the entire fall arrest system works to prevent falls, fall damages, and injuries, the arrest blocks cushion the fall.

Instead of stopping the fall instantly, which could cause a jerk or snap with the potential to injure the worker, the arrest block gradually slows down the fall. It takes a few inches at best to slow down and halt the fall, but it makes a significant difference.

How Do Fall Arrest Blocks Work?

There are usually two parts of the fall arrest blocks that work simultaneously for the security of the person:

  • First, there’s a lifeline, the primary blocker for the fall. It is usually covered with a protective casing. The protective casing prevents any wear, tear, or damage to the lifeline.
  • Second, there’s an internal braking system. The internal braking system works instantly within a few inches to disperse the energy and limit the force a person sustains during the fall. The braking system is there to prevent any damage from the instant stopping of the fall (like snaps and jerks).

The Key Benefits of Fall Arrest Blocks

There are countless benefits to using fall arrest blocks in height safety systems. Here’s a quick overview:

Quick Prevention

The rapid response of the fall arrest blocks stops the fall instantly to prevent further damage or dangers. The automatic activation feature also prevents free fall and force to reduce the risk of injuries.

Lightweight Utility

Fall arrest blocks are highly compact, lightweight and portable. You can conveniently attach them to the safety harnesses of the fall arrest systems.

Moreover, workers often require flexibility and comfort. Fall arrest blocks enable you to move freely without hindering movement or causing difficulties for the task.

Versatile Applications

Fall arrest blocks can be used with any profession or environment that requires a fall arrest system. From maintenance to construction, cleaning to pruning, you can use it anywhere, vertically, horizontally, or at any height level.

Force Reduction

As fall arrest blocks work with a braking system, it significantly reduces the force transmitted to the worker’s body. It prevents physical stress, injuries, trauma, and other damage to the person.

Easy Maintenance

Most fall arrest blocks, especially from RS, are highly durable and reliable. With regular inspection before you and quick maintenance, they can last you for a long time. However, replacing them on time is a good idea according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Enhance Your Fall Safety

Fall Arrest Blockers are small yet significant components, much like rope grips and anchor points, that improve the performance and efficiency of a fall arrest system. There are countless other components available to provide you with similar security.

It all comes down to the level of height you’re working at. However, it is integral for everyone working at heights to know how to operate the fall arrest equipment and assist others if an emergency arises. Modern regulations ask you to incorporate fall arrest systems and other necessary PPE for workers’ well-being.



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