5 Key Benefits Of Storage Container Hire

8 April 2024 | Construction, General

Storage container hire is effectively the loan of temporary buildings.

Across multiple sectors and in domestic situations too, storage containers make an appropriate solution for various situations.

From additional storage needs to extra classroom space in schools, storage containers can be modified and adapted to suit a range of applications.

No matter your industry or need to hire a storage container, it’s worth knowing the benefits of adding one to your setup.

5 advantages of storage container hire


Unlike permanent buildings, a storage container can be used on a temporary basis. They can still be hired for long-term needs, but the core flexibility is valuable for businesses managing seasonal peaks and troughs.

As inventory demand increases, storage containers can be ordered and supplied in time to provide a quick and effective solution.

Flexible by nature, storage container hire gives businesses more control over their storage strategies.


Traditional buildings used as storage solutions come with considerable expenses, especially when they’re associated with building construction.

From maintenance fees and property taxes to hiring the contractors to build the facility, new buildings cost businesses.

Hiring containers only demands straightforward rental fees, which can be tailored to suit and complement the budgets a business has in place.

Where long-term planning is concerned, storage container hire makes a cost-effective choice.


Sustainability is a growing concern for many businesses, with the 25 Year Environment Plan mounting pressure on corporate leaders.

Modular buildings may help businesses to meet their climate goals, since they eliminate the need to construct permanent structures.

Modulaire Group, the parent company for Algeco, is on track to achieve sustainability goals, with a significant drop of 30.7% reduction emissions since 2020.

As for storage solutions, modular buildings help businesses to reduce their carbon emissions because they’re easy to transport and replace.

The installation process also relies much less on carbon-based fuels, especially compared to the process for new building foundations.


Off-site storage only allows limited access hours for staff and may also require advance notice for retrieval. With a modular building used for on-site storage, businesses benefit from unmatched convenience and accessibility.

Modular buildings can be ordered and provided within a short space of time too, which is ideal for businesses coping with unprecedented demand.

Algeco offer a 48-hour turnaround from point of order, making their modular buildings one of the most instant storage solutions.

Staff health and safety

Lastly, modular buildings often provide a business with their first formal or dedicated storage space.

This frees up more space and resources elsewhere on the business premises to be used for their intended purpose, rather than makeshift storage space.

From production space to staff rest areas, protecting purpose-built space is key to ensuring long-term health, safety and wellbeing for staff.


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