If you have an article that you might want to post online we’re offering a great opportunity to talented writers looking for guest post opportunities. We provide a platform and audience to talented writers looking to contribute their articles. 


So what we look for when evaluating guest post proposals? We look for originality and good writing style! We do not like boring textbook style articles that are hard to comprehend without reading ten times before you get a ‘click’ on what a writer is trying to tell you. 

1. We accept guest post articles in the following niches – real estate, home decor & improvement, finance, mortgages, construction and investment.

2. The article has to be a minimum of 700 words. We have no upper limit on article word count and we can particularly excited when we’re pitched long guide articles on niches mentioned above. 

3. We like articles that are SEO optimised. But if this is not your forte you can leave it to us and we’ll optimise it to the best of our ability. 

4. We do not accept articles that have been posted somewhere else.  

5. We like articles that make sense. If you are pitching us a spun article or we get a tiny sniff that your article is nonsense your chances of appearing on our blog drops below 0. 

6. When you publish your article on our blog we reserve the right to make edits to the content if we feel that the article could be improved. 

7. We tend to publish writers content fairly quickly most within 3 days if little editing is required on our part or instantly if we like the content and no edits are required from our side. 


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