What Does A Quantity Surveyor Do?

19 January 2023 | Construction, General

Have you ever been curious about the critical role that quantity surveyors play in the success of construction projects? Keep reading to learn more about what they actually do, and why they play an integral part in creating successful projects.

As construction professionals, quantity surveyors help to manage a project’s money and resources, making sure that there is always a steady flow of funds throughout the entire project.

They are responsible for numerous aspects related to cost and budget management as well as value conservation, claims resolution and more. In short, a quantity surveyor is essential to ensuring the overall success of a construction project.

Overview Of A Quantity Surveyor’s Duties And Job Responsibilities

A quantity surveyor’s duties and job responsibilities include a variety of tasks. One of the primary responsibilities is cost management, which involves controlling and forecasting the total expenditure for the project.

This involves assessing material costs, labour costs, and general costs associated with the project in order to create a budget. A surveyor must also ensure that the budget remains realistic and that fluctuations in the market are considered in order to make necessary adjustments.

Value conservation is another important aspect of a quantity surveyor’s job. Quantity surveyors must review plans, specifications, and contracts to make sure they are the most cost-effective to meet the client’s financial requirements and goals.

Furthermore, they monitor the prices of materials and labour in order to detect any changes that would lead to a waste of resources.

Finally, quantity surveyors also oversee claims management which includes dealing with disputes between the contractor and client as well as ensuring that contracts are properly handled in order to prevent any future claims.

They serve as independent experts and must be able to assess a situation objectively and offer unbiased advice in order to help reach a satisfactory resolution.

Cost Management

Quantity surveyors are key players in managing a construction project’s costs, from setting the budget to forecasting future costs.

During the project initiation phase, they will assess the expected costs and risk associated with the project, and advise on a suitable budget. They will then monitor actual costs vs budgeted costs, and adjust budgets if necessary, resulting in a cost-effective build.

Quantity surveyors also develop strategies to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. This includes the regular review and assessment of the estimated costs and timeline in order to prevent any costly delays.

They maintain a record of the project’s costs throughout its course, as well as constantly assess long-term effects of current costs to create a more accurate forecast.

Forecasting future costs is key to keeping the project on track, and quantity surveyors have the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve this. From creating cashflow projections to designing physical expenditure plans, quantity surveyors are equipped with skills necessary to anticipate future costs.

By constantly analysing the market, labour costs and material costs, they are able to create an efficient and cost-effective plan for the project.

Value Conservation

Quantity surveyors are instrumental in helping to ensure the best possible value is obtained from materials and labour used in the construction project. They will examine the condition and quality of the materials utilized and regularly audit supplier quotes, in order to ensure the best materials and labour are used at the best prices.

Furthermore, quantity surveyors can use their extensive network to source the best materials and providers for a project which can result in significant savings for the client.

Quantity surveyors are also tasked with ensuring the accuracy of contract documents. They will review these documents to make sure they are in line with the client’s wishes and that they accurately describe the scope of the project, including materials such as fixtures, fittings and finishes.

This ensures that there are no surprises upon completion of the project, as the surveyor has made sure the terms of the contract are met as well as determined the most cost-effective way of obtaining necessary materials and labour.

Furthermore, they may also monitor the amount of materials used in the construction project, in order to make sure they remain consistent with the estimates and budgeted costs.

Claims Management

Quantity surveyors play an important role when it comes to contracts and assessing any potential claims or disputes between parties. They will review the terms and conditions of contracts or subcontracts in order to ensure that the parties are held to their respective obligations.

Additionally, they monitor contractual I addition, they monitor the contractual obligations of each client or subcontractor during the entire duration of the project, ensuring that all relevant laws are adhered to and that any necessary permits are obtained.

When it comes to resolving disputes, quantity surveyors provide a critical level of objectivity and impartiality to the assessment. They will consider both sides of the argument and review the respective contract documents to determine the best course of action.

In addition, by having knowledge of applicable laws and regulations in the given construction sector, the surveyor can provide independent advice to help bring the parties closer to a satisfactory resolution.

Finally, surveyors are also tasked with assessing any potential claims and providing clients with the right advice so they can evaluate their options and make the right decision.

The surveyor must assess all documentation and physical evidence, determine the cause and associated costs of any potential claims, and use their experience and knowledge to negotiate the best possible settlement.

Quantity Surveying Services

A quantity surveyor’s services are invaluable and span a wide range of areas, including advice on construction methods, contractual agreements and payment schedules. They are able to provide cost-effective advice and guidance on the best building materials to use and the most cost-effective methods of construction, as well as ad-hoc advice on the construction process in general.

Furthermore, they are able to create estimation and cost planning reports, which ensure clients always remain within the agreed budget.

Quantity surveyors assess, draft and review contracts so that all parties have clear obligations and rights, should anything go wrong.

This ensures that both the contractor and the client have the relevant provisions in place in case of any potential liabilities or claims. Lastly, the surveyor can help to secure the best payment terms in order to avoid any unnecessary money issues between the parties.

In short, the services provided by a quantity surveyor offer invaluable advice and peace of mind, by minimising risk and helping to secure the best terms for the project.

They are a critical part of the construction process, as they make sure that the project stays on course and is completed to a high standard, in a timely and cost-effective manner.


In conclusion, responsible for numerous aspects related to cost and budget management as well as value conservation, claims resolution and more, and the services of a quantity surveyor are fundamental to the successful completion of a construction project.

With their expertise in the market, knowledge of construction methods and materials, plus their ability to anticipate and adjust budgets, they are essential to the success of any building project. Their expertise helps to ensure projects stay on track, within budget and meet the highest standards of quality.

For these reasons, quantity surveyors play a pivotal role in guaranteeing a smooth, successful and cost-efficient project.


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