What Do House Buyers Look for When Buying a House?

3 August 2021 | Buying, General

Buying a home is usually a life’s decision, especially for those who intend to stay permanently in one location. Luckily, there are dozens of ways in which one can figure out the right home for them. As such, Homebuyers analyse the market-listed houses and come up with informed decisions.

Every homebuyer has a different expectation for their life and uniqueness in every case. It’s therefore critical to comprehend the feature that home buyers look for in a home. Again, you have to know how these features can be showcased. So, if you plan to list your house and wonder what to showcase for this generation of home buyers, you are in the right place.

Here are the top 7 features every house buyer is looking for in a house.

1.   Laundry room

Generally, homeowners desire to have a room where they can stack all of their clean clothes until it’s time to put them away. According to the National Association of Home Builders, most homeowners prefer to have a separate laundry area. The laundry zone comes in handy for different tasks like folding or ironing and helps reduce clutter out of the living space. According to the president of Sullivan’s remodelling and custom-building company, Paul Sullivan, buyers may see a significant benefit from this.

Further, Sullivan suggests that “If the house lacks a laundry room, you shall have to add one. And it would help if you considered the basement area as the easiest place for the setting. It’s always unfinished in most incidents and has a utility line established already. The setting will cost you around $1000.

2.  A walk in the pantry

The National Association of Home Builders has it that 83% of home buyers want a walk-in pantry in their new houses. Here is the reason. Given that there’s no sufficient space to keep the necessities, and homebuyers have large families, their kitchens will get congested with canned goods and storage containers. Again, those who purchase in bulk to minimize frequent visits to the stores will use additional storage space in the kitchen.

So, unlike reach-in closet pantries with open shelving and miniature storage space, walk-in pantries provide more room for storing non-perishable food items. And other dining room essentials move away from the kitchen counter. Walk-in pantries are usually 5X5 feet, have U-shaped shelves with countertops. And one must ensure it’s situated in the cool and dry zone. Also, any type of kitchen in the house being listed should be updated with the current kitchen trends. That starts with appliances, decor, and layout.

3. Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are usually considered clean, easy to maintain, and long-lasting compared to carpets, which must be changed every 8 to 10 years. Also, Hardwood may be refurbished regularly and will last for a lifetime. If you are a home seller on a tight budget, you can use the laminate wood floors. Installing 120 square feet of prefinished hardwood floors will cost around $1,200, 15 % less than installing 100 % hardwood floors.

4. A Dedicated Workspace

Technology and the Covid pandemic has changed the need of commuting to and from work. Most individuals across the globe are working from their homes, and so is the need for a large workspace. Regarding this, a home with a dedicated workspace will be more attractive to buyers. If you want potential buyers to fall in love with your home, you have to consider staging a working station. It’s a budget-friendly tip, and you can even spare one of the house’s bedrooms to work as an office.

According to Liam Davies, the owner and founder of Sell House Fast Local, having a workspace in your home is likely to increase its value by 5% to 10% and increases its marketability, which further stresses the importance of having a dedicated workspace.

5. Energy efficiencies appliances and windows

Homeowners who desire to save money on energy bills will be lured to homes with Energy Star-certified windows and appliances. You, therefore, have to assess your renovation budget and evaluate what you can actually invest in if you don’t have any of these amenities.

Specific appliances, including an Energy Star-certified washer (-$598 to $1,799), may save consumers up to $45 per year on their electricity expenses. And you can still update your old clothe drier with a new one.

On the other hand, energy-efficient windows, transparent glass covering, vacuum-sealed gaps filled with inert gas between panes reduce unwanted heat exchange within a home. Using them means that extra energy costs get cut. And this goes further Energy Star-certified dishwasher that utilizes soil sensors to determine how filthy your dishes are. Realtors should highlight these cost-cutting improvements in their property listings once they have been implemented.

6. A patio

Mike McGraw, the CEO of McGrew Real Estate, suggests that listing a house should not be oblivious of the backyard. It’s the most coveted outdoor feature of any home. When buyers spot a house with an exquisite backyard, they start to picture themselves crushing out there with friends.

A patio provides more living space without the extra costs of home additions. According to Dr. Lautz of the NAR, the fame of home renovation TV shows causes buyers to desire the eye-catching features they see on TVs to be in their real life. Some of these shows, such as America’s Most Desperate Landscape, focus on patios, and homebuyers see themselves outdoors, sitting around a bonfire!

7. Dining room

Formal dining rooms have lost their appeal in recent years, favouring open floor plans in today’s house designs. While modern plans assist in maximizing space, some buyers still choose older houses for their charm and distinctive characteristics. This features a dining room that is isolated from the kitchen. According to the NAHB, an isolated dining room is one of the top ten must-haves for first-time home purchasers.

According to Shanon Lynch, a realtor from the Savvy + Co real estate business in Charlotte, people prefer to sit at their kitchen table for a quick lunch. She remarks that there is a sense of essentiality in a dining room that makes your visitors feel unique. This is especially true for in-house family dinners or holiday gatherings.

If you own an older home with a closed floor plan, it might be time to remodel your dining room to make it more appealing to potential buyers. The expense of a small-scale repair includes the installation of new floors, doors, switch-plates, decorative hardware, and visual comfort lighting. A number of these features are already standard in newer house types.

Even if your domicile has an open floor plan, you still have ways of establishing a private dining area. To help designate a specific section of the living areas – say right off the kitchen – use an over-the-table light system or a tray ceiling. Another alternative is to replace the entire wall with ornamental columns. That might cost up to $6,000, which comprises materials, construction, and manpower.

Final Thoughts

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, homebuyers of this generation will keep playing a significant role in the real estate market. Every home seller must know what they are searching for while looking for a house. Homeowners and realtors who are aware of these factors and understand how to accentuate them have a far better chance of selling their property quickly and profitably.


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