Two Towns In Greater Manchester Recognized As Top Choices For Purchasing Your First Home In The UK

10 October 2023 | Buying, General, Investment

In the ever-evolving landscape of property investment in the United Kingdom, two Greater Manchester towns have emerged as prime contenders for first-time homebuyers.

With the rising demand for affordable housing and favourable market conditions, Bury and Stockport have gained recognition as two of the best places to buy your first home.

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind their growing popularity and what makes these towns attractive destinations for property investment in Manchester.

The Resurgence of Greater Manchester:

Greater Manchester, a vibrant metropolitan county in the northwest of England, has been on a remarkable journey of regeneration and transformation over the past few decades.

Once known for its industrial heritage, the region has reinvented itself into a thriving hub of culture, commerce, and education.

This transformation has been a magnet for young professionals, families, and property investors alike.

The Attraction of Greater Manchester:

But what is it about Greater Manchester that makes it so appealing for property investment, especially for first-time buyers? There are several key factors:

Employment Opportunities:

Greater Manchester boasts a diverse and robust job market, with numerous multinational corporations, tech startups, and healthcare institutions calling the region home. This has led to a steady influx of job seekers, creating high demand for housing.

Educational Institutions:

The presence of renowned universities, including the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University, makes it an educational hotspot. Students and academics looking for convenient housing options further drive the demand for properties in the area.

Cultural Attractions:

The cultural scene in Greater Manchester is vibrant, with world-class museums, theatres, and music venues. The allure of a rich cultural experience on your doorstep is undeniable.

Transport Links:

Excellent transport connectivity, including an extensive tram network, buses, and easy access to major motorways, makes commuting a breeze, enhancing the region’s overall appeal.

The Rising Stars: Bury and Sale:

Among the numerous towns and neighbourhoods in Greater Manchester, two have recently emerged as standouts for first-time homebuyers and property investors: Bury and Sale.


Located just 7.9 miles north of Manchester city centre, Bury offers the best of both worlds—a tranquil suburban atmosphere with easy access to the city. Known for its thriving market, historical landmarks like Bury Parish Church, and picturesque parks, Bury combines the charm of a market town with modern amenities.


Situated to the southwest of Manchester, Sale is a thriving town with a strong sense of community. It offers an array of parks, including the beautiful Worthington Park, excellent schools, and a bustling town centre. With its proximity to the Trafford Centre, one of the UK’s largest shopping malls, Sale offers a blend of retail therapy and green spaces.

Why Bury and Sale Stand Out:

Both Bury and Sale tick many boxes for first-time homebuyers and property investors. Here’s why they have been making headlines:


Property prices in Bury and Sale are relatively lower than in central Manchester, making them attractive options for those looking to enter the property market without breaking the bank.

Quality of Life:

These towns offer a high quality of life, with excellent schools, parks, and recreational facilities, making them particularly appealing to families.


As mentioned earlier, their proximity to Manchester city centre and excellent transport links ensure a convenient daily commute for those working in the city.

Investment Potential:

Property in Bury and Sale has shown steady appreciation over the years, making them solid investment choices. Additionally, the demand for rental properties in these areas is consistently high, offering potential for rental income.


Greater Manchester’s property market continues to shine, and the inclusion of Bury and Sale among the UK’s best places to buy your first home only reinforces the region’s status as a property investment hotspot. With their unique blend of affordability, quality of life, and investment potential, these two towns are capturing the imaginations of first-time buyers and property investors alike.

As Greater Manchester’s transformation and growth show no signs of slowing down, now may be the perfect time to explore the property investment opportunities these towns have to offer. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of Greater Manchester’s exciting future in property investment.


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