The Great British Glamping Getaway: Create A Luxury Camping Experience In Your Backyard

21 June 2024 | Construction, General

Glamping has gone viral among the inhabitants of Great Britain, everyone wants to enjoy the outdoors with style and in comfort. Well,  why shouldn’t they?

What is glamping? you may ask. Think of it as a home away from home. You get to spend time in the wild without feeling like you’ve missed a thing or two that’s happening in the world around you. Short form, it’s fancy camping.

It sounds fun already, right? It has become the talk of the season with over 1400+ glamping sites flooding the UK. It is a great way to enjoy the summer or holidays with family or a spouse.

The fun part is that it is easy to plan and prepare for. But in case you can’t get away for some reason, you could easily create your own glamping experience in your backyard.

You could also invite some friends to join you to make the experience a memorable one.

If you are new to this, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be giving you simple steps to help you create the most luxurious camping experience you’ve ever had right in your backyard. Let’s get started, shall we?

Clean Your Yard

You wouldn’t want insects or bugs wiggling into your tents while you sleep would you?

To avoid that, cut the grass in your backyard and fumigate the area. This way you won’t have to worry about mosquitoes, bugs or insects ruining your perfect getaway.

Have a Plan

Before you begin preparation like getting equipment for your getaway, think and write down all you will need for your camp.

Write down your estimated budget and make sure your list aligns with your budget.

If you notice you have too many expenses, you can turn some items in the list into DIY projects. You wouldn’t want to go broke after your wonderful getaway.

Accessorize Your Tent

This is where the fun starts. Let your inner child out and enjoy the experience, remember, the idea behind glamping is comfort and style.

You can start with your bedside. You don’t have to drag out your king-sized bed to the tent. If you have a small mattress, that should suffice. If not, you can get a blow-up double mattress, lots and lots of duvets, luxurious bed sheets and heaps of pillows and throw pillows. Cosiness is the plan!

Then you can add a side or centre table to your bedside. Then place a small mirror with your skin care products and cosmetics on the table.

To create a real luxurious experience, accessorize your tent with fairy and LED lights, buntings, garlands, and trailing flowers. Add a Bluetooth speaker to set the mood for the getaway.

Fair warning: You might not want to return home after sleeping under this setup.

Hire a Bell Tent

It is better to hire than buy a bell tent so that you don’t have to go through unnecessary measures to store it after camping.

A bell tent can be heavy but it is perfect for glamping because it is spacious, cosy and sturdy, good for rainy or windy weather conditions. You can create different sections in it to enhance your camping experience.

You can easily ask the company you rented it from to set it up in your yard at delivery.

If hiring will cost a lot, you can convert it to a DIY project. You can use leftover decking from previous housing projects or recycled wood to build your own tent.

Set up a Seating Area

This can be set up close to your tent. It’s advisable to use foldable chairs for this purpose.

They’ll be easy to pack up when you are ready to move back into the house.

You can place the seats on an outdoor rug and place soft cushions on them to create the desired comfort.

Place a tablecloth on a mini centre table with snacks and drinks on the table to make a complete seating area.

Get Camping Food and Snacks

Your glamping experience isn’t complete without food, snacks and drinks. What’s camping without snacks?

The good thing about camping in your backyard is that you can jump right into your kitchen and whip up a nice delicacy for yourself.

You can decide to try out some continental dishes you’ve also wanted to try but didn’t have the time to.

Make your favourite snacks and let your taste buds revel in the joy of your decision to camp.

If you aren’t camping alone and don’t know what snacks to offer your guests, you can indulge in some prawn and pepper skewers or stick to just barbecue.

If there are leftovers, you can easily store them in your fridge, that’s the joy of camping in your backyard.

Make a Campfire

Who goes camping without setting up a campfire? This is where marshmallows come in.

You can read a book, catch up on gossip, watch the latest season of Bridgerton on Netflix or have a good laugh over funny conversations with friends and family while munching on them.

You can get other campfire snacks like popcorn or s’mores, taking this with a tasty wine will get the conversations flowing in.


Some ideas we have outlined in the content include:

  • Get your favourite camping food and drinks to create a lovely camping experience.
  • Create a cosy seating area that includes foldable chairs, outdoor rugs and cushions.
  • Add accessories to your tent with fairy and LED lights, duvets, luxurious bed sheets and heaps of pillows.
  • Make a campfire for lively conversation and warmth.
  • Have a plan, strategy and budget.

With the right amount of preparation and planning, your glamping dream can become a reality. Who said you shouldn’t follow the crowd, it is after all the talk of the season.

With these nuggets, you can create the best glamping experience anyone has ever had. Don’t forget to take Instagrammable pictures, let’s make it the talk of the town.


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