Style Your Space With These Coffee Table Decor Secrets

10 February 2023 | General, Home Decor

How do you make a coffee table look good?

How Do You Make A Coffee Table Look Good

Adding a coffee table to your living room or family room can make the room appear cozier and more inviting, plus it provides a great place to set drinks or snacks. However, a plain and boring coffee table can make the room feel a little neglected. Here are some simple ideas to help you vamp up your coffee table and give it the pizazz it deserves.

Use a tray to Collect Items – To make your coffee table look more put together and stylish, add an array of decorative trays. These coffee table decor trays help to keep items organized and make the coffee table easier to keep clean. Include books and magazines, along with candles, coasters and other decorative items in the trays.

Coffee Table Decor

Stack Coffee Table Books – Stack books of varying sizes on the coffee table to give the table a sense of purpose and structure. Not only do they add colour and texture to the space, but also books can provide hours of entertainment.

Put Flowers in a Vase – Place a colourful flower bouquet in a nice vase to add a pop of colour to the center of the table. You can also include dried flowers, such as lavender, to add sweetness to the table.

Incorporate Interesting Elements – To set the tone of the table, you can add interesting elements like an antique clock, a travel souvenir, a globe, or sculpture. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try out different pieces.

Ideas For Coffee Table Decor

Add a runner – A simple colored runner or table runner can make a huge impact. It adds a subtle layer of texture to the table and can immediately transform the aesthetics of a room. Match the colors in the rug with the colors of other items in the room.

Ultimately, making your coffee table look good is easy and you can do it without breaking the bank. Coffee tables serve as both a statement piece and a practical household necessity, so getting creative and showing some personality with your coffee table decorating can help your living space look inviting and warm.

How do you make a coffee table look expensive?

How Do You Make A Coffee Table Look Expensive

It is simple to make your coffee table look like an expensive item – all you need to do is employ a few savvy design tactics. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Use a Stylish Table Cloth or Table Runner – A tablecloth or table runner can instantly elevate the look of your coffee table. Look for a fabric that complements the items on your table, like books, candles and flowers. Thread count, color, and texture are all key factors when choosing fabric for the table.

Place a Mirror on the Table – Mirrors can add an air of sophistication, especially if you choose a frame with beveled edges. The reflective surface expands the width and depth of your room, adding a luxurious feel to the overall design of the room.

Coffee Table Decor Modern

Stack a Variety of Grains, Metals and Marble – If your table top is made from wood, or another kind of material, try stacking various grains, metals and marbles for a totally glam look. You can layer these items on top of each other and even add candles, plants or other items to create a beautiful display.

Incorporate Textured Items – Textured items like fur rugs, basket weaves, and wooden coasters can add a cozy, high-end feel to your coffee table. Look for materials like fur, cashmere, or velvet – they all add a luxurious look and feel to the table.

Hang a Piece of Art or Decorative Wallscapes – Hanging a piece of art or decorative wallscapes above the coffee table can give it an expensive, high-end vibe. Look for a piece of art that seamlessly blends with the colors and materials of the other items in the room.

Decorative Coffee Table

These simple tips can help you transform your coffee table into a thing of beauty and luxury. Remember, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a stylish and sophisticated look – just a few clever styling tricks can do the job!

What should I put on my coffee table decor?

What Should I Put On My Coffee Table Decor

When considering what to put on your coffee table decor, think about items that are both functional and visually appealing. Here are some ideas for items to display:

Bowls – A bowl filled with fruit, decorative stones or shells, or even a little succulent will add texture and interest to your coffee table. You can find decorative bowls in a wide range of materials and styles, including ceramic, glass and metallic finishes.

Candles – Candles have a calming effect that can instantly make a room feel inviting. Use candles of varying heights and shapes to add visual interest to your table. Try to find candles with unique scents or a unique vessel that will draw the eye.

Wood Coffee Table Decor

Books – Placing books on the coffee table is a great way to add practicality and personality to the space. Bond with nature and explore the wonders of country living by using books with pictures of wildlife and landscapes.

Figurines – Figurines add a hint of whimsy to a room without looking too stuffy. You might want to stick to a particular theme or color scheme when selecting figurines for the coffee table.

A Tray – A tray is an often overlooked addition to tables that can instantly make the space look more organized and inviting. Use a tray to hold small items like coasters and candles and place it in the center of the table for a chic look.

Remember to keep the items you put on the coffee table in balance. Too much clutter can make a coffee table look messy and disorganized, but with a little bit of thought, you can create a harmonious and elegant display.

How can I decorate my table cheaply?

How Can I Decorate My Table Cheaply

Decorating your table on a budget can be challenging, but with a bit of creativity and planning, it is perfectly possible to spruce up your table without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas on how you can decorate your table cheaply and with style:

Use DIY DecorationsCreate your own decorations for your table with items you already have at home. A few candles, string, and glue can be used to create a beautiful centerpiece, or try repurposing an old frame into a decorative rack for small items.

Shop at Charity shops – Charity shops offer a variety of items at great prices. From table cloths and decor items to vintage plates, you can find some great finds that are both stylish and affordable.

Use Colour – One way to take your table from plain to fabulous is to use a bold and bright colour palette. Painting the table itself is a great option, or if you don’t want to part with it, adding bright table runners and seat cushions is just as effective.

Coffee Table Decorations Ideas

Incorporate Florals – Adding florals to the table can instantly bring the space to life and add a homey feel to the room. Visit your local flea market or grocery store to find a variety of flowers and other vegetation to fill the table with.

Utilize Re-purposed Objects – Exploring your storage for hidden treasures can help you to find items that you can use to add a little something special to your table decor. For example, consider using old bottles as containers for glass tea lights or incorporate pieces of driftwood to create an interesting centerpiece.

Ultimately, decorating your table cheaply can be done with a bit of creativity and planning. Look for ways to recycle, reuse, or repurpose items you already have laying around the house, and shop at thrift stores to find cute, unique items that fit your budget. Your table will be looking modern and stylish in no time!


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