How To Claim Housing Benefit In Liverpool?

1 February 2023 | Finance, General

Residents of Liverpool who are having difficulty paying their rent can access Housing Benefit, which provides essential financial assistance. Offering much-needed help, it is a real lifeline for people in difficult circumstances, allowing them to keep their home and remain in their community.

Claiming Housing Benefit in Liverpool can be tricky and complicated, but this guide will provide you with all the facts and figures you need to have your application accepted. Therefore, if you are interested in applying for Housing Benefit in Liverpool, here is the information you need.

What Is Housing Benefit?

Housing Benefit could offer you some financial relief – it is money designed to cover your rent if you are living on a low income. Rent payments can be a heavy burden on an already tight budget, and this benefit could help with managing other living expenses as a result. It could restore some peace of mind.

If you are not in supported accommodation, not of Pension Credit age, and not receiving Universal Credit, you may be eligible for Housing Benefit to help you pay for your rent. However, if you have applied for or are already receiving Universal Credit, then unfortunately you cannot get Housing Benefit.

How To Claim Housing Benefit In Liverpool?

If you are a resident receiving Income Support, Job Seeker’s Allowance (income-based), Employment and Support Allowance (income-related), or earning a low salary, you may be entitled to Housing Benefit. Generally, those with savings of more than £16,000 cannot claim assistance, unless they are eligible for Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit). You can use an independent benefit calculator to determine if you can apply for Housing Benefit.

How to apply for housing benefit? To obtain Housing Benefit from your local council, you will have to ask for a form. If you are lucky, your locality may accept internet-based applications.

Submit evidence along with your claim, such as your identity validation, evidence of income, and capital. To save time, you should gather these prior to the commencement of the process.

It’s a good notion to monitor your claim. Take notes of with whom you speak and when, and verify that the council has all they require from you. It should take no longer than 14 days for the council to contact you and let you know their decision.

How Much Universal Credit Will I Get For Housing?

The precise Universal Credit sum each individual will receive will depend on age, whether they have a partner or not, as well as any additional elements due to having children or housing costs. Variations in payments can also occur if a person has varying income/savings figures, or there is a change of circumstances.

Find out when you can expect cost of living payments. During September and November of 2022, the government issued people on Universal Credit with a cost of living payment. A further £301 will be available to those on Universal Credit during the spring of 2023. If you were not given either of the initial two payments but think you were eligible, you must contact Universal Credit.

How Many Hours Can I Work On Housing Benefit?

You won’t face a limit on how much you can work – your Universal Credit won’t decrease if you work more than 16 hours a week. Make use of a benefits calculator to determine the results of increasing your working hours or finding a new job. Employers usually take care of reporting your income for you; however, if you’re self-employed, you usually need to report your earnings on a monthly basis.

If you or your partner are responsible for a child or young person, have a disability or health condition which affects your ability to work, you may be able to earn a certain amount before your Universal Credit is reduced. This is referred to as a “work allowance”. Please be aware that the work allowance is lower if you are receiving help with your housing costs.

How Housing Benefit Is Paid?

If you are in a council tenancy, usually your Housing Benefit is paid directly to your lease account, reducing the amount of rent you need to pay. It is important that you regularly check your rental account to ensure it is being taken care of.

However, if you rent a private or housing cooperative flat, your Housing Benefit may be deposited into your savings account or paid directly to the landlord.


Claiming Housing Benefit in Liverpool can help individuals to manage their rent payments and other living expenses if they are on a low income. It is important for applicants to make sure they have gathered all necessary evidence prior to submitting an application, and they must also keep track of their progress.

Universal Credit is available to people based on their age, partner status and housing costs, and payments can be adjusted if an individual’s income, savings, or circumstances change. Housing Benefit is usually paid directly to the lease account if in a council tenancy, or deposited into the applicant’s bank account or paid to their landlord.


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