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27 November 2023 | Construction, General

Gas safety remains a concerning factor when people are moving to new homes. It is essential that your house meets all the safety checks since it is crucial for the safety of you and your family members.

However, some people often forget to check on these important details when settling in to their new homes.

There is a high number of domestic cases that include carbon monoxide poisoning, explosions and even gas leaks. As a new home owner, it can be difficult for you to figure out if your house has any of these issues.

To make things easier for your, we have made this guide on how you can prioritize gas safety in your home decor.

What Are the Dangers of a Gas Leak?

When moving in your new home, request your owner for a valid gas safety certificate. For that visit the link: https://www.gassafetycerts.com/gas-safety-check-certificate.

Houses that do not have these certificates have a higher chance of gas leaks and other potential hazards. Electrical hazards are not the only concern when you think of potential hazards; Gas related hazards may sometime be even more dangerous. Therefore, it is not advisable to ignore these risk factors

  • A tiny spark or exposure to flame can lead to gas explosions. The worst part about these gas leaks is that these cannot be easily put off.
  • Mixing gas with air in a small space can also be a cause of explosion. These instances are more common in smaller living spaces such as kitchen.

Detecting gas leaks at an early stage helps to prevent all these potential hazards, not only for you but other in the surrounding. Another important aspect is a gas leak often includes methane gas. It is an environmentally toxic gas that is harmful for the ozone layer and produces green house effects.

Using Gas-Safe Material for Your Home Decor

When a person starts living in a house, they usually prefer to decorate it according to their liking. You may want to put up your favourite curtains or buy new furniture. But, ensuring safety when buying these new decoration items must be your top priority.

A common misconception is that gas safety is only limited to appliances. However, it includes your home decor items as well. Everything that you place in your home has a potential to cause gas safety hazard. All of this can be overwhelming for you as a new home owner.

You must select decor that is non permeable to gas and does not catch fire easily. These decors may not be aesthetically looking. However, you can easily make them look good by using your inner interior decorator skills. You can select gas safe home decor by following these tips;

  1. Floor

When installing the flooring for your home, always select ceramic or porcelain tiles, as they do not allow gas absorption. Moreover, they are non-porous and look aesthetic as well. As a second option, you can also use vinyl flooring as they are more durable and non-permeable to gas

  1. Wall coverings

Glass is the best material that is gas-safe. If you want a sleeker look, you can select stainless steel or aluminium that is safe from all sorts of gas absorption.

  1. Furniture

All furniture is made from wood; generally, people prefer wood furniture to any other material. When selecting wood furniture, ensure it is made from hardwood such as oak or maple. Hardwood is generally more resistant to gas as compared to softwood. If you want a stylish look, you can add furniture with metal frames or glass tops.

  1. Textile Fabric

Textile fabric usually refers to the bedding, sofa covering and all fibrous surfaces. Natural fibres are resistant to gas leaks. These fibres usually include cotton or linen. Leather is another best option that is not only durable but is gas resistant too.

How Do You Identify and Select Gas-Safe Home Decor?

There are several ways to identify gas-safe home decor items. First, before making a purchase, always check for labels and read specifications.

Most items have their gas safety instructions mentioned on their label. These can help you understand whether these products are gas safe or not.

There may be cases when you will have doubts in your mind. In such instances, you can always refer the specialists. Interior designers and gas safety experts are professional who can help you decide in an informed way.

Other than that, you can also look at the finish of the material. A sealed or glazed finish decor item is always preferred as they are resistant to gases.

A non combustible material also reduces the risk of gas leaks. Moreover, gas safety is not limited to maintenance of gas pipes and appliances.

It includes your home decor item too. Maintaining these items not only makes their life longer, but they will remain gas resistant for a longer period too.

Additional Tips to Ensure Gas Safety in Your Home Decor

  • Ventilation is important for your health. However, it is crucial for your gas safety too. Any home with proper ventilation is at a lesser risk of gas hazards. To ensure proper air flow you can install vents or air purifying systems that can make your home less stuffy.
  • Gas detectors are safety tools that help to identify the presence of gas in your area. It sounds alarm whenever it notices any changes in the level. Often time’s people also refer to them as fire alarm or carbon monoxide detectors. Installing these at optimal areas inside the house may reduce the chances of gas hazard.
  • Making a checklist for all the potential hazardous appliances in your home is the first step to go. You must then carry out safety checks of all these places yourself. If you are unable to do so, then you can hire experts to do so.
  • A proper training to your family members can help them to identify potential gas hazards. You can also teach them on how to react in these situations.


Prioritizing gas safety in your home decor is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of you and your family members. Picking out gas safe home decor does not always mean that your home will look appealing.

However, you can mix and match different types of gas safe material to create a visually appealing affect to your home.


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