Creating An Outdoor Office Space

21 March 2024 | General, Home Decor

Many people love the convenience of working from home and are continuously looking at ways to improve their home office space to maximise productivity.

Why not consider creating an outdoor office in your garden?

In this article, we’ll be providing our top tips and tricks on how best to build an office in your garden.

That way, you can enjoy the warmer weather and picturesque surroundings while you work.

Perfect placement

You should first consider a few key aspects in the initial planning stages of your outdoor office, such as whereabouts you’ll be building it.

One of the main appeals of an outdoor office is the amount of natural sunlight you will receive during working hours. So, ensure the office is placed in an area that receives maximum exposure throughout the day.

Privacy is important, too. Find a secluded spot in the garden that can’t be viewed by the neighbours.

You’re likely considering an outdoor office to get away from distractions in the house, so ensure any kids or pets can’t disturb you either.

The right tools

If you’re building your own office rather than hiring a builder, you must have the correct tools to get the job done and minimise the risk of any accidents and injuries.

You should have the essentials in your kit, including a cordless impact wrench, screwdriver, hammer, and measuring tape.

Investing in proper tools can help you complete tasks with ease and efficiency. They will also reduce the likelihood of you damaging any materials and, in turn, prolonging the task.


As the building is located outside, you must make sure that moisture doesn’t build up inside the space and eat away at the woodwork.

To avoid this, you can wrap a breather membrane around the woodwork before the external cladding is added.

This is a high-performance, fabric-like material that helps prevent moisture from entering the main structure of the building.

Decorate it

Once your garden office is built and ready to go, it’s time to decorate! This dreamy setup should offer a place of relaxation and comfort while working, enhancing productivity levels and reducing distractions.

Consider keeping the colour palette muted and add rustic furnishings so the décor remains versatile. Transform the space using thoughtful accessories and features to keep things fun and interesting.

Add some greenery to bring the space to life. Plants act as brilliant natural air purifiers and can reduce stress, enhance productivity, boost mood, and improve air quality.

Don’t forget the lighting. While you should receive plenty of natural light, it’s worth adding lamps with bright LED bulbs in the event of bad weather.


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