Agents offered new repair management app…

1 July 2021 | General


Agents offered new repair management app

A new maintenance management app connecting agents and their tenants allows the tracking of repairs.

Refectio compiles tenants’ faults onto a dashboard, with each fault sent as a case report by email to the agent. 

Tenants are able to log faults, such as property defects, alongside photographic evidence to support claims. 

The app operates a traffic light and read receipt system, notifying tenants when cases are sent, seen and resolved, with final confirmation of case resolution authorised by the tenant.

Refectio claims to simplify the reporting process by allowing landlords to track and manage tenants’ faults more efficiently by recording dated actions of both parties. This reduces the possibility of contradiction and improves transparency between the landlord and tenant.

Chris Larner, founder of the firm behind the app – Freedom Sports Technology – says: “As a landlord myself, I understand the need to have all such maintenance queries documented in a simple format, easy to access and easy to resolve.

“The digitisation of maintenance queries is crucial in ensuring housing provider and tenant are protected in case of disagreement. Hastily written notes on scrap paper, text exchanges, and visits to the office are often forgotten, lost or misread. 

“A hybrid app and email notification system … gives both parties a dependable record of what happened and when, should they ever be accused of ignoring or failing to resolve a claim.”








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