5 Things Rushden Home Sellers Should And Shouldn’t Do In 2023

27 January 2023 | General, Selling

For homeowners, the process of selling a property can be very overwhelming. It is crucial to present your houses in the best possible light in order to attract bids and achieve a quick sale in a market where many new properties are competing for buyers. This is made easy when you consult estate agents in Rushden when you are looking to sell your property in Rushden.

Here is a simple tip on how to sell your house as quickly and painlessly as possible:

Do: Determine when to sell.

You have a better chance of receiving the best offers and selling your home quickly the more bidders are vying for it. To fortify your chances of selling your property, get a free house valuation in Rushden if you are looking to sell your property in Rushden. It is advised to list your house for sale in Spring in order to do this (April to March).

Potential buyers are drawn to the market during this time of year because of the pleasant weather and longer daylight hours, which make house viewing more enjoyable. Additionally, the springtime sun can enhance the charm and beauty of your home. Families also choose to purchase a property during this time of year because it falls at the end of the academic year.

Autumn is the second-best season for home sales (September to October). The weather is still pleasant, and there are no significant holidays this time of year. Make every effort to close your deal before Christmas because buyers typically choose not to transact during the lengthy school breaks and the Christmas season.

Try to sell your house as soon as you can because it can be difficult to sell a property in the summer or winter. It’s a good idea to put your house on the market in the new year during the winter.

Don’t overcharge for your home

Overpricing a property is one of the major errors that homeowners make when selling. Consider it this way: If you have advertised your house for a high price, buyers shopping in that price range will likely prefer comparably larger residences, and your best prospects may not see your listing since its price is over their range.

Additionally, overpricing your home increases the likelihood that it will become a stale listing, leading to a lower sale price. Get a valuation for your house, investigate the prices of nearby houses, and come to an agreement on the best and most accurate selling price to avoid making this mistake.

Do: Hire a seasoned real estate agent.

You can sell your house on your own, but if you want it to go quickly and without much risk, you should work with a seasoned estate agent. Estate agents will handle the majority of the time-consuming work of contacting potential purchasers, scheduling house viewings, managing and marketing your property listing, as well as other labour-intensive tasks.

Hiring a real estate agent is a must if you have any lingering concerns about your capacity to sell your house. But make sure to choose a qualified and experienced one. Despite the somewhat higher expense, using an estate agent will help you make a sale and keep your house from languishing on the market.

Don’t: Disregard the opinions of the buyer and agent

Most homeowners believe their homes are wonderful, but when it comes time to sell, it’s crucial to evaluate and view your properties critically. Buyers frequently provide feedback during showings, and paying attention to this information will help you make improvements to your property, whether it concerns the house paint is too dark, the need for double-glazed windows, or worn-out carpeting.

Agents occasionally leave notes on how to arrange furnishings to give the impression that your property is larger and has more space. Remember that proactive adaptation of these recommendations can enhance the number of potential customers.

Do: Get your property ready.

When selling a house, appearance and first impressions are important. De-clutter and thoroughly clean your home before marketing it to make it appear brand new and draw in more purchasers, which will quicken the sales process. Additionally, make sure to inspect and fix any broken items.

The walls can be painted, the carpets replaced, and the appliances updated, among other minor adjustments. Who is your target market?, ask yourself. Once you have an answer, stage your house in accordance with it, but watch out not to repel other kinds of purchasers.

Don’t: Forget to market.

Nowadays, buyers utilise the internet to research potential homes, so it’s important to maximise your online visibility. You can list your property online on several websites in addition to the one your estate agent will create for you for a nominal cost.

You can benefit from using a variety of social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram. Share the URL to your property listing to promote your property on Facebook (groups, timeline, etc.).

You will be able to contact several people this way who might be interested in purchasing. Extra advice: Spend money on a skilled photographer! More people are more likely to view listings with more than six pictures.

Do: Promote your community.

Buyers take into account a number of criteria, including a decent neighbourhood in addition to your property’s appearance and condition. Promote your neighbourhood by including nearby transportation options, schools, healthcare facilities, and supermarkets. It is also essential to emphasise how secure, peaceful, and welcoming the neighbourhood is.

Don’t: Be emotionally attached

It’s quite difficult to let go of something you’ve invested in and worked so hard to achieve. Some homeowners, who experience sadness and some emotion upon selling their homes, can clearly see this. But when it comes to selling, you have to put all your feelings aside and be impartial.

Make sure you’ve given up the fixtures and accents you hand-picked before listing your home for sale and try to keep it as neutral as you can. This makes it simpler for purchasers to picture themselves residing in the house.


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