20 Inspiring New Build Decor Ideas

28 June 2023 | General, Home Decor

How to decorate a new build house UK?

When embarking on the decoration of your new build house in the UK, it’s essential to consider the desired atmosphere and style that will make you feel comfortable and happy. One advantage of buying a new build property is the ability to select design features before moving in.

While it alleviates some of the hassle, it’s crucial to look beyond fleeting trends and choose elements that will withstand the test of time.

Mastering Furniture Arrangement in Your New Home

New Build Decor Ideas

Take your time when considering colours for your home. Refrain from painting or wallpapering in the first 12 months while your new home settles and dries out from the construction process. Instead, use this period to observe the light and its changes throughout the day, and think about which colours would work best in each room.

When the time comes to apply paint, always start with a test patch, as the same shade can appear different depending on the room’s orientation. North-facing rooms tend to have bluish light, while south-facing spaces receive warmer, golden light.

New Build Decor Ideas 1

With a new build, you have a clean slate for furniture and layout, free from any pre-existing arrangements. Begin by considering the activities that will take place in each room and how you intend to use them.

For larger open-plan spaces, consider “zoning” techniques to create distinct areas for different purposes.

New Build Decor Ideas 20

When creating a floor plan for each room, start with the largest and most essential piece of furniture—the bed, dining table, or sofa—and arrange smaller pieces around it.

Be mindful not to overcrowd the space, allowing ample room for comfortable movement.

Lighting Solutions For Every Room

New Build Decor Ideas 2

Lighting plays a significant role in the overall ambiance and visual impact of a space. It falls into three categories: ambient lighting, which simulates daylight and illuminates the entire space; focused task lighting for specific activities; and accent lighting, used to create pools of light or highlight features.

Take advantage of the choices offered by new builds, such as pendant lights or downlights, to tailor lighting to each space’s purpose. Once you’ve moved in, supplement the built-in lighting with floor and table lamps for a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

Soft lighting sources work particularly well in seating and dining areas, providing options beyond the main overhead light to adjust the mood.

Unleashing Creativity Through Accessories

New Build Decor Ideas 8

Accessories are the finishing touches that can add colour, texture, and character to your new build home.

Soft furnishings, artworks, plants, window dressings, and vases all contribute to setting the desired tone for each space.

Before you can begin painting or wallpapering, these smaller details can instantly introduce colour and texture.

New Build Decor Ideas 3

Keep in mind the overall look and feel you want to achieve, using a mood board as a guide to avoid investing in items that won’t align with your vision later on.

In conclusion, decorating a new build house in the UK involves careful consideration of the desired atmosphere, taking time to observe lighting conditions, planning furniture layouts, selecting appropriate lighting options, and adding personality through accessories.

By following these steps, you can create a home that reflects your style and provides a comfortable living space.

How do you make a new build feel like a house?

New Build Decor Ideas 9

When settling into a new build, there are several steps you can take to make it feel like a home. Begin by conducting a thorough deep clean before unpacking, as this allows you to navigate the space freely and identify any areas that require attention.

Keep your possessions organized in boxes and confine clutter to a designated room to maintain a sense of order and minimize chaos.

Take the time to immerse yourself in your new home before making any design decisions. Slow decorating is recommended, allowing you to understand the space and make informed choices that align with your preferences.

How do you make a new build feel like a house?

Create mood boards and Pinterest boards to explore different styles, colours, and themes that resonate with you.

To create a calm and peaceful retreat, prioritize the bedroom as a space to escape the unpacking frenzy. Next, focus on the living room, which serves as a versatile area for relaxation, work, and entertainment.

While bathroom and kitchen renovations may be enticing, it’s advisable to wait until you’ve settled in to avoid additional disruptions to your daily routines.

Interior with Small and Affordable Changes

New Build Decor Ideas 10

Small and affordable changes can have a significant impact on the interior. Consider simple alterations like fresh paint and new decor to transform a room. Rugs not only add texture but also conceal scuff marks and create a warmer ambiance.

Incorporating greenery through tall leafy plants and smaller houseplants adds a homely touch.

Floral and botanical-inspired prints in soft furnishings can bring a sense of nature indoors. Additionally, a favorite scented candle can instantly infuse a sense of coziness and warmth.

New Build Decor Ideas 3

Colour scheme plays a crucial role in setting the mood of each room. Subtle shades of blue and green are soothing and ideal for bedrooms, offices, and living rooms where relaxation or focus is desired.

Darker hues in snug spaces provide depth and create a welcoming atmosphere when paired with luxurious fabrics.

Energizing areas benefit from pops of bright colour or bright white, which reflects light and promotes a sense of wakefulness.

Making Quality Investment Choices for Your Home

New Build Decor Ideas 11

Avoid rushing into major purchases. Take the time to compare options and reconsider what is truly important to you in the long run.

Quality investment pieces like sofas or beds are worth splurging on, while other furniture can be sourced more affordably.

Adding small details can elevate the sense of luxury in your home. Simple swaps, such as replacing hardware on doors and cabinetry or upgrading lampshades, can make a significant difference.

New Build Decor Ideas 4

Consider painting furniture in a new colour or opting for bed linen in natural fibers for an opulent touch.

Lastly, carefully consider furniture placement to enhance the flow and feel of your space. Use masking tape or boxes to experiment with layouts before purchasing bulky items.

Ensure the furniture arrangement complements the room’s traffic flow, maximizes natural light, and optimizes space, especially in smaller areas.

Can you put things on the wall in a new build?

New Build Decor Ideas 12

Start by gathering the necessary tools: tape measure, pencil, power drill with drill bit, safety goggles, screwdriver, and a pipe and cable detector.

Once you have your tools ready, you can begin by roughly positioning the picture or mirror on the desired spot of the wall.

Can you put things on the wall in a new build

Mark the top center of the wall and measure the distance between the hanging mechanism at the back of the item and the top of the frame. Mark this measurement underneath the top center mark on the wall.

Depending on the weight of the item, you’ll either use picture hooks designed for plasterboard for lighter hangings or opt for drilling and using rawlplugs for heavier items.

Before drilling, ensure the chosen area is safe by using a pipe and cable detector.

New Build Decor Ideas 5

Now, select the drill bit size recommended in the fixing pack and set your drill to normal mode. With safety goggles on, proceed to drill the hole in the marked spot. Insert the rawlplug into the drilled hole and then partially insert the screw, leaving enough space to securely hang the picture or mirror.

Finally, hang the item in place and step back to appreciate your newly adorned wall.

Remember to consult with the managing agent or developer to understand any specific policies or waiting periods related to hanging items in a new build, as following their guidelines is essential to avoid potential issues with guarantees.

How do I add value to my new build?

New Build Decor Ideas 13

To increase the value of your new build home, consider implementing the following tips:

First, make a strong impression by improving your front door. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders in enhancing its appearance and overall appeal.

Next, redecorate your living space economically by opting for a neutral paint colour. This can create a feeling of openness and breathe new life into your home. Additionally, addressing general maintenance tasks like filling cracks and holes will give your home a well-maintained look.

How do I add value to my new build?

Upgrading to double glazing for your windows not only reduces noise but also improves insulation, making your home more energy efficient and potentially increasing its value.

Giving your kitchen a makeover doesn’t have to be costly. Focus on updating cabinet doors, repainting units, upgrading worktops, and improving lighting to give it a fresh and modern appearance.

Revamping your bathroom can have a significant impact on your home’s value. Instead of a full renovation, consider replacing outdated tiling, upgrading the bathroom suite, and adding a fresh coat of paint to create an appealing space.

New Build Decor Ideas 7

Creating an inviting garden adds value to your new build home. Keep the garden well-maintained by trimming plants, clearing pathways, and incorporating features like decking for entertaining and relaxation.

Remember, the location and type of property also influence its maximum value.

Therefore, obtaining a professional home valuation is recommended to gain an accurate understanding of your home’s current worth and its potential future value.

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