15 Inspiring Modern Chimney Breast Ideas

19 July 2023 | General, Home Decor

How do you decorate a plain chimney breast?

There are various ways to adorn a plain chimney breast that go beyond the conventional method of stacking logs in the fireplace for a cosy Scandinavian and hygge ambiance.

One simple yet striking approach is to arrange well-seasoned logs inside the chimney breast, opting for a vibrant colour contrast that complements the surrounding tones.

How do you decorate a plain chimney breast?

Alternatively, you can utilize branches to craft elegant and serene sculptural vignettes within the fireplace.

These inventive decorating ideas add a touch of uniqueness and charm to an otherwise plain chimney breast.

What can I do with old chimney breasts?

Chimney breasts provide an excellent opportunity to infuse your kitchen with creative design elements. There are numerous aesthetic options available to transform an old chimney breast into a unique and captivating feature.

You can consider incorporating wood paneling, tiling, or statement wallpaper to add visual interest and create a distinct focal point.

By varying the materials used, you can achieve a tactile and visually striking contrast with the surrounding areas, and even coordinate with other design elements such as a countertop backsplash.

What can I do with old chimney breasts?

One practical and space-saving solution is to convert the chimney breast into recessed storage.

While some structures may contain brickwork or obstructive flues, many are left unfilled with only a timber frame or plastered stud covering.

Converting this space into customized storage fitted with cabinets can provide valuable additional storage capacity in a kitchen where storage is often limited.

Modern Chimney Breast Ideas

Introducing houseplants near the chimney breast brings biophilic design into your kitchen and establishes a rejuvenating connection with nature. By creating a small green zone around the chimney breast, you can inject colour and vitality without sacrificing food preparation space.

Ensure there is sufficient natural light reaching the area before filling it with ferns, palms, and flowers, which bring the outdoors inside and enhance the ambiance.

Positioning seating around the chimney breast can serve as a central feature for a dining area in your kitchen. Whether it’s a table or an island, attaching it to the protruding chimney breast seamlessly integrates it into the surrounding space.

Chimney Breast Ideas

This arrangement not only creates a communal area for family gatherings but also provides a convenient hosting spot for entertaining guests.

Partially or fully exposing the brickwork of an old chimney breast can add a rustic touch, softening the modern aesthetic of a kitchen.

The brickwork imparts visual warmth and offers a contrast to the sleekness often associated with contemporary kitchen designs, making it an appealing choice, particularly in Shaker-style kitchens.

Living Room Chimney Breast Ideas

If your kitchen space doubles as a dining or living area, the chimney breast can be an ideal location for a TV. However, it is advisable to fully decommission and cover the fireplace to avoid uncomfortable viewing heights.

Mounting the TV directly onto the existing wall or slightly recessing it into the cavity provides space for cables, set-top boxes, and game consoles behind the facade.

If additional storage is needed but you prefer not to alter a covered chimney breast, you can mount shelves on the front wall or in surrounding alcoves.

Living Room With Chimney Breast Ideas

This straightforward do-it-yourself project adds functionality to unused wall space, allowing you to neatly organize books, speakers, decorations, or other items, keeping them out of the main kitchen thoroughfare.

Chimney breasts present an opportunity to personalize your kitchen with art or family photos. As these structures usually occupy a central position in the room, a large canvas or a collage of smaller prints can help draw attention.

If other walls in the kitchen have neutral tones, the chimney breast provides an excellent location to infuse colour and showcase your personality through artwork.

Small Living Room With Chimney Breast Ideas

Another practical use for old chimney breasts is to set a cooker back into the cavity.

By planning to use the connected wall for worktops, you can inset the cooker into the chimney breast and install a cooker hood overhead.

This configuration creates a seamless and practical food preparation area, transforming the chimney breast into a functional design feature.

Brick Chimney Breast Ideas

To enhance the lighting in your kitchen, consider installing additional fixtures around the chimney breast.

These extra lighting options allow for easy transition between focused task lighting and ambient illumination.

For example, you can introduce lighting fixtures inside the cavity, on the front of the chimney breast, or along the alcoves on either side, complementing a hanging TV or framed decorations and adding layers to your overall lighting configuration.

What is the purpose of a chimney without a fireplace?

Many homeowners are unaware that water heaters, furnaces, and boilers also utilize chimneys, or more accurately, flues.

These utility flues serve the crucial purpose of safely venting combustion byproducts out of the house. It is important to regularly inspect and maintain both the flue and the chimney housing it to ensure they are functioning reliably.

What is the purpose of a chimney without a fireplace?

The deterioration of either component may not be immediately noticeable from the exterior or with a casual observation.

In summary, the purpose of a chimney without a fireplace is to provide a safe passage for the byproducts of combustion generated by water heaters, furnaces, or boilers. Regular inspection and maintenance are essential to ensure their effective operation.

Does a chimney breast get hot?

No, a chimney breast should not become excessively hot. If it does, it could indicate a chimney fire in the flue. In such cases, it is essential to contact the fire brigade immediately.

A well-insulated chimney should prevent the heat from escaping to other parts of the property.

Does a chimney breast get hot?

The chimney’s function is similar to that of a distillation column, where volatile hydrocarbons enter as gases and cool as they rise, causing condensation and potentially leading to a chimney fire. Heat loss also affects the draw within the flue.

Proper maintenance, regular cleaning, and adherence to safety instructions provided by manufacturers are essential for a well-functioning and safe chimney. If concerns arise, such as poor draw or smoke escaping into other areas of the property, a chimney inspection by a professional is recommended.

Should you wallpaper a chimney breast?

Wallpapering a chimney breast is a fantastic way to elevate the style of your decor without breaking the bank. It offers an opportunity to create a stunning feature wall in any room that showcases a fireplace.

With the wide range of beautiful statement wallpapers available, you can easily transform the look of your living room, dining room, or bedroom.

Should you wallpaper a chimney breast?

The best part is that you typically only need one roll of wallpaper, even for larger chimney breasts, making it a cost-effective option.

Whether you choose an intricate design or a luxurious pattern, wallpapering a chimney breast is a simple and rewarding DIY project that can make an instant difference in your space.

What are some ideas for brick chimney breasts?

When it comes to brick chimney breast ideas, there are numerous options to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of this architectural element.

During renovation projects, the irregular shape of a chimney breast can be creatively utilized to incorporate storage, interesting materials, and captivating designs.

What are some ideas for brick chimney breasts?

Exposed brickwork and wood panelling can add a rustic charm, while contemporary structures can create a stunning focal point that elevates the overall style of a home. Another idea is to tile the chimney breast and surround it with brick facings, commonly known as brick slips, brick cladding, or brick tiles.

These thin bricks can be applied similarly to ceramic tiles, providing a brick-like appearance. Exploring these brick chimney breast ideas allows for the integration of compatible and cohesive styles that enhance the visual impact of your space.

Is it acceptable to place a TV on a chimney breast?

When considering placing a TV on a chimney breast, it is important to be mindful of potential heat-related issues.

While mounting a flat-screen TV above an electric fireplace is generally safe, caution is necessary when dealing with gas or wood-burning fireplaces that generate heat.

Is it acceptable to place a TV on a chimney breast?

Direct vent gas fireplaces and wood-burning stoves produce significant amounts of heat that can potentially damage the television or other electronic devices.

Therefore, it is generally advised to avoid installing electronics above such heat-producing units to prevent potential harm or malfunction.

How to decorate a living room with a chimney breast?

When it comes to decorating a living room with a chimney breast, there are numerous creative ideas to consider. One option is to line the chimney breast with stunning statement tiling, which not only adds a visually appealing touch but also provides practical benefits such as heat resistance and easy cleaning.

Installing a wood burner can also be a smart choice, both aesthetically and environmentally, while being mindful of any restrictions on burning materials in your area.

If you prefer a simpler approach, a fresh coat of paint in a contrasting shade can create a focal point and add vibrance to the room. Alcove shelving is another timeless option, perfect for utilizing the small alcove sections on either side of the chimney breast for open storage.

How to decorate a living room with a chimney breast?

Tiles are a practical choice around a fireplace, offering heat resistance and easy maintenance.

For older homes with multiple chimney breasts, incorporating an extractor fan or keeping the fireplace for decorative purposes can be appealing. Consider adding an antique fireplace or a bespoke surround to elevate the overall look.

Alternatively, an attention-grabbing wallpaper can make the chimney breast a focal point and inject energy into the living space. Lastly, working with natural materials like exposed brick and timber beams can bring timeless character and charm to your chimney breast and fireplace surround.

What can I do with a chimney breast in my bedroom?

If your bedroom features a chimney breast, there are several creative options to enhance its functionality and style.

One idea is to incorporate it into your headboard, creating a distinctive focal point for your bed. Another possibility is to utilize the chimney breast as a practical workspace by adding a shelf at table height.

What can I do with a chimney breast in my bedroom?

This transforms the space into a functional area for working or studying. Additionally, the alcoves formed by the chimney breast offer excellent storage opportunities.

Installing fitted wardrobes in these alcoves optimizes the available space for storing clothing and maximizing organization. These ideas enable you to make the most of your bedroom’s chimney breast, combining functionality and aesthetic appeal.


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