Young professionals looking to exit before Brexit

7 August 2020 | General

There’s been a surge in young professionals looking to work remotely for UK companies from abroad before Brexit is completed.

Some young professionals are looking to move before the transition period of Brexit potentially makes it harder to sort out things like healthcare and visas.

Many have enjoyed the freedom of working from home, and have demonstrated to their bosses that their location is irrelevant to the continuing success of the business.

Simon Conn, an expert in overseas property, said: “I have been getting enquiries each day from people looking for a mortgage to buy their dream home in sunnier climes.

“There is an increasing number of people planning to continue working for their existing UK employer, but basing themselves in their dream destination.”

Some 66% of Brits living abroad in the EU are of working age (16-64 years old) and there are currently over five million Britons living overseas.

Conn added: “Property costs are often much lower, the standard of living is good, and the stress levels of the daily commute are banished forever.”

Meyrick Green, account manager for strategic partnerships for Moneycorp, a foreign exchange company, said: “One thing that does need to be considered is the question of healthcare, visas (if needed), right to work and so on.

“For Europe this was always relatively easy, but with the transition period of Brexit looming, this might change – hence why we are seeing a surge in people wanting to do things now.”

Alistair Lockhart, director at French Entrée Property, said: “We don’t ask the age of our prospective buyers – as unless they are applying for a mortgage it isn’t relevant.

“However, it certainly feels like a lot of the enquiries are coming from a slightly younger demographic than the usual band of 30-40-year-old buyers with families.

“The appeal of being able to potentially work remotely from a country they have been dreaming about, whilst maintaining their UK salaries, must be hugely appealing.”

This post has originally been featured in Property Wire.