Why You Should Use Aluminum Joinery For Your Windows

25 May 2020 | Construction

Windows keep the elements outdoors while protecting the indoors from various threats. The window joinery combines these openings to form a seamless design that promotes different benefits. Some types of window joinery deliver extra benefits to properties, and one category that comes to mind is aluminum. Continue reading to know the advantages of using aluminum window joinery.

Why Use An Aluminum Window Joinery System

  • Excellent Thermal Insulation

Excellent Thermal Insulation

Use an aluminum joinery system for your home to gain excellent thermal insulation. This material helps keep heat indoors, which can be a boon for the cold season.

Improper insulation in homes can raise energy costs. Drafty or ill-fitting windows, or openings that don’t use aluminum joinery, can let heat escape. In turn, this complication makes household members use more power for the home’s heating system.

Use aluminum window joinery to ensure that heat doesn’t escape from the inside of your house. At this point, you might be searching for an aluminum joinery system on the market. If you’re searching online, consider using keywords, like “Window Factory”, for your search results to be as specific as possible.

  • Durability

Aluminum is a durable material prized by many homeowners for its ability to resist rust effectively. This rust-proof characteristic is ideal as windows tend to be one of the many components in properties that battle outdoor elements, like heavy rains and strong winds.

A high-quality aluminum window joinery system can come with surface treatments to ensure that their durability quotients can last for generations. Furthermore, the weather-proof construction of aluminum helps homeowners with an excellent return on investment (ROI) because this material can be more structurally sound than other options, like timber. Check out aluminium windows from Window Factory for durable models that can last for years.

Thieves tend to reach for the windows to attempt to break into your home. If you don’t protect your valuables by having sturdy window systems, you might wake up to an empty house.

Install an aluminum window joinery system to prevent this tragedy from happening. Aluminum’s durability won’t just resist the test of time, but it can also deter break-ins from burglars.

Many intruders tend to try and pry the window open using tools, like crowbars and screwdrivers. Aluminum’s resilient nature makes it more challenging than average for these thieves to enter your dwelling.

Plus, if the burglars use heavy equipment to try and break into your home, you’ll be going to hear the grinding or whirring of these tools. At that point, you’ll wake up from the odd noises, which means that an aluminum joinery system can also become an excellent deterrent from crooks.

You can even improve the security factor in your windows by using specific window types. Consider using an aluminum window joinery system on double-glazed windows to enhance security measures for your home.

  • Lightweight Construction

Lightweight Construction

Have you experienced trying to open or close windows, but need to pull an extra muscle to push, pull, or slide the opening? Say goodbye to those days if you use aluminum window joinery.

Aluminum is a relatively lightweight metal. In comparison, other metals, like steel or copper, are about one-third heavier than aluminum. Hence, you shouldn’t find it a challenging feat to open or close windows with this lightweight material for the joinery.

The Options

Aluminum joinery systems come in different shapes and sizes. Consult professionals in the industry to check which type of aluminum joinery system fits your home’s windows the best.

Some of these joinery systems you can find on the market include:

  • Rail sliding system
  • Folding system
  • Garden window system

These systems can promote distinct advantages. For example, an aluminum rail sliding system combines the moving component with a fixed glazed part. This setup combines the pristine and luxurious look of two glass windows to create an aesthetically pleasing opening.

Making The Decision

Take the time to think about your options when considering aluminum joinery for your windows. This system can help you experience its many benefits. But, ensure that you’re getting the right type of aluminum joinery system for your property.

The last thing that you’d want is to purchase a joinery system for your house’s windows, only to find out later on that you bought the wrong models. Don’t hesitate to talk to experts in the industry to ensure that you’re not going to make costly mistakes.


Use an aluminum window joinery system to reap benefits, like improved thermal performance and enhanced security. Aluminum is also a durable option, ensuring that the system doesn’t break down from wear and tear. Choose the right type of system, and you should enjoy these advantages for many years.

This post has originally been featured in Residence Style.