Why Should You Replace Vacuum Cleaner Filters & Bags

5 June 2020 | Construction

According to the people, normally the best vacuum cleaner is the one which cleans the best. It may seem to be that simple and easy but the cleaning of the vacuum cleaner depends on various factors amongst which Filters and bags play a vital role in it. Vacuum cleaner’s cleaning depends upon the power and type of filtration system. After buying a vacuum cleaner after some time the users tend to complain about the vacuum cleaner not working properly. The reason is not due to vacuum cleaner not working properly but due to its filters and bags not being changed or replaced on time. Vacuum bags and filters are great to use as they help to remove airborne microbes, dust, dirt and other components of allergens which may be the reason for breathing or respiratory issue in the future. According to the University of Virginia, low-quality filters can lead to the addition of airborne dust and other allergens. Due to this reason replacing filters is important and one should always replace vacuum cleaner bags from time to time. This article will further guide you through that why you should replace vacuum cleaner filters and bags.

Torn out vacuum cleaner bags are dangerous


Many times a user doesn’t realize the need to replace the filter unless the consequences are evident. Many times a filter and vacuum cleaner bags become damaged due to which it becomes a dangerous filter. If the filter is worn or torn out then the outcome of it would not be pleasing at all. As discussed, if it’s torn then it would obviously spill and leak all the trapped particles and contaminants back in the surrounding and would even expose you to harmful particles. This would not only waste your effort but would also lead to a dangerous consequence.

Accumulation in vacuum cleaner bags

Many times people spend months and years without changing the vacuum cleaner bags which results in hefty payments afterward. Not changing the Filters can lead to debris being trapped along with dirt which would lead to vacuum cleaner being clogged. The accumulation would also cause and act as an obstacle in the airflow path. Due to this reason more electricity would be consumed for sucking up the dirt which would eventually lead to electricity bill prices being hiked up. The accumulation would not only block the path and the way but would also be the number one reason for the device being malfunctioned which would obviously lead to much more costly replacement.

As discussed earlier, it is recommended that one should replace the vacuum cleaner bags every three to six months. But other factors also play a role in it and it may vary according to usage, type of filter or such as other health issues. Many people opt for multi filters as they provide a much longer lifespan and can be easily found at a discounted price. The vacuum cleaner bags should be replaced from time to time as not changing them can lead and would have a devastating effect on the vacuum cleaner itself which would lead to nothing but more expense.

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