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Why Installing Security Doors Could Save You From a Home Invasion?

8 June 2020 | Construction

Having a good home is everyone’s joy since it gives you comfort and shows a sign of responsibility. This is regardless of the size or the design you have. However, not everyone has good intentions toward your will. Some people take advantage of other people’s comfort. When building or buying a home, you must invest in good security measures.

In this case, good doors are the key to maximum security in homes. This is because they link your home with the outside world. Here are the reasons why installing security doors can save you from invasion:

1) Durability

Homes are meant to be safe places where you can reside with your family without any fear. This requires a good investment that can get you maximum security in your home. Doors act as a loophole to invaders who intend to cause harm or rob you. This is because they are fragile and easy to break into by invaders. You can check for a company that supplies and installs security doors and is reputable to ensure your safety. These doors come in high quality, making them more durable as compared to normal doors. This is due to the heavy-duty material that is used during their production time.

2) Locking Features

Doors come in different types and styles that range from size, materials, design, and other features. In a typical door, you may have the best aesthetic design, but the door may not have sufficient security measures. This is mainly due to the level of lock that is installed. A faulty lock can make it easy for an invader to break into your house. On the other hand, a security door contains good locks that are not easily broken into by intruders. For instance, it might contain three locks that prevent the invader from breaking the door from either up, bottom, or the center. They also offer a firm grip on your door and can serve as a preventative measure.

3) Non-Removable Hinges

The level of security in your house determines how safe your property and family will be. Therefore, it is important to check on the best measures you can put into making sure your house is safe. On normal doors, you will find average hinges that make it easy for the invaders to break into at any time. They are attached by weak supporters that can break in if hit hard.

Security doors hinges are strong and are made from a hard material that can be hard to access. In most cases, the hinges run from bottom to top, making them inaccessible. This way, it will be easy to discourage the invaders from your house.

4) Strong Frames

Strong Frames
You might have witnessed a door being broken into and you have seen how easy it is to bring it down. This may bring doubts about whether your home is safe. Well, that average door can easily be broken into even with less force. This mainly depends on the type of frame you are using. In a security door, they mainly use steel, which is rated as the hardest material. This way, no invader can gain access to your house.

This post has originally been featured in Residence Style.