What Makes a Modern Armchair the Best Fit for Your Home?

14 May 2020 | Construction

Decorating or redecorating a house requires many considerations. Among these, there are also a handful of things that can make or break all your efforts. The armchair is certainly in the rarest category that you must get right. After all, it is a piece of furniture that comes with the capability of making a house feel like a home. It is a design element able to embellish even a metaphorically dark corner of the house, and it is a truly versatile piece of furniture.

Thanks to the great variety of modern armchair designs available in the market, it’s not as much of a work to find one suitable for your style preferences. Yet, the variety itself can turn into a problem if you don’t have an idea what you are looking for. So, let’s find out the art of finding the best armchair for your modern home.

Envision the Style You Need

Envision the Style You Need

There is no denying that unlike other furniture, you have the flexibility of prioritizing your personal style when it comes to the armchair. However, it still needs to be aligned with your overall design philosophy.

So, take a deep look around the space you are going to place your modern armchair in. Consider the color palettes that you are playing within the particular room – from the walls to other furniture. Based on that, you can opt for a contrasting style to your sofa to make it a focal point. Otherwise, you can also base your decision on the structural design of your home and opt for a classic or contemporary style.

Estimate the Size of Your Armchair

Estimate the Size of Your Armchair

As you can imagine, armchairs come in all shapes – from a bowl shape to geometric to flowy. While traditionally, they tend to be bigger than the normal chairs, they can also be really big. So, you have to make some extra considerations to settle one the size of your chair. The main things to consider are the size of your room, the size and height of your other furniture like sofa, coffee table, as well the size of your TV and decorative items like lamp sheds, artworks, etc.

If you have a smaller living room, the recommendation is to opt for a streamlined design. If it’s a single statement piece beside a large window, opt for a big one.

Longevity and the Comfortability

An armchair can be used for a host of things – to watch TV, to lay on it for relaxation, to cozy up with a book and so on. So, you should think about what purposes you are going to use it, and opt for a material that would provide the maximum comfort. Both the structural and comfort materials used to make it would also determine how long your modern armchair is going to last. So, pay attention to that too.

This post has originally been featured in Residence Style.