Types of Epoxy Flooring

16 April 2020 | Construction

There are many different options when considering epoxy flooring. From colors to designs, you can make your floors unique to you. We here at Epoxy Flooring Durham have been installing epoxy flooring in homes and businesses for over 18 years; our priority is helping you find the best epoxy flooring solution for your needs!

There are three main options when considering epoxy flooring and those are standard epoxy, metallic epoxy, 3-D epoxy, and decorative flake epoxy. All of these are unique in their own ways and have different benefits.

Below we’ll discuss each style of epoxy to find out which style of epoxy flooring is right for you.

Standard Epoxy Flooring


Epoxy flooring is an extremely durable concrete floor coating that not only is pleasing to the eye but will last you for many years to come! Standard epoxy can be done in many different colors to bring your flooring ideas to life. These colors will stay vivid even in high traffic areas and epoxy is very easy to clean, keeping your flooring looking great! With standard epoxy flooring, you can do many patterns like different geometric shapes, stripes, even rainbows. Standard epoxy is oftentimes used in factory settings to make barriers for employees and forklift operators to stay in their respective places without fear of wear and tear from heavy machinery.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy flooring can come in many different colors and designs without sacrificing the durability of epoxy flooring. Metallic Epoxy is just as strong and easy to clean as standard epoxy flooring but has a unique look to it that can never be recreated. This flooring can be done in simple solid colors that have a one of a kind swirled look that metallic epoxy flooring is known for, or different scenes from nature can be created.

Metallic epoxy floors offer the option to make your home or business floors mimic scenes of rushing water, moon craters, storm clouds, or even lava. Metallic epoxy is great for kitchens or living rooms that are looking for a sophisticated style or garages looking for a showroom quality floor. Metallic epoxy is known best for its lustrous pearl effect making for beautiful floors no matter what space they are installed in.

3-D Epoxy

3d epoxy flooring

3-D epoxy offers the same durability as standard epoxy and is easily cleaned just the same, but this type of epoxy flooring is very unique. With 3-D epoxy, you choose different things such as underwater scenes, bridges, waves crashing, waterfalls, the options are unlimited, and this flooring brings it to life! If the beach has always been your oasis you can bring the oasis to your bedroom with 3-D epoxy. These floors will make your traditional flooring look like sandy beaches with the ocean waves crashing to the shore or even the night sky-the possibilities are unlimited!

Decorative Flake Epoxy

Decorative flake epoxy achieves its look by adding different colored chips into the epoxy to give a multicolored look to your flooring. Not only does it have a vibrant look, but the flakes create subtle grooves that can provide extra slip-resistance for safer environments You can mix and match different colored chips to make your flooring personal to you and they can even come in metallics! No worries about the durability of decorative flake epoxy floors, they are just as strong as traditional epoxy floors and easy to keep clean.

For more information about epoxy flooring and the benefits that they can offer you give us a call today!

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