Top UK holiday home locations revealed

21 July 2020 | General

The top UK holiday home location is Wales according to data from holiday home insurance company Schofields. The data was calculated by looking at holiday home insurance contracts which were renewed and purchased from January to June 2020.

In a previous survey, Schofields found that travellers were most concerned about holiday companies not being financially sound and that their bookings would be lost or cancelled if they went bust. However, this most recent data shows that people continue to renew their insurance contracts on holiday homes amidst the global pandemic.

Wales, Cornwall, Scotland, Devon and North Yorkshire were the top five holiday home locations this year, with 15% of holiday homes in the UK located in Wales. The data of renewed holiday home contracts was also compared to new contracts taken out between January and June, with these locations including Wiltshire, East Yorkshire and Suffolk.

Phil Schofield, head of inbound marketing at Schofields, said: “Getting away from home safely once restrictions have been lifted is something that’s on everyone’s minds. Holiday homes and holiday cottages are top of people’s lists due to their privacy and ease. Data suggests that people in the UK take breaks of 2-3 days more frequently than any other length of holiday, so being able to make a short journey with less stress to a holiday cottage or holiday home is really important.

“The top locations for holiday homes in 2020 aren’t a surprise to us, but the up and coming locations are interesting. It seems that people are wanting to find destinations that are off the usual beaten track in the UK and won’t be quite so crowded as the hotspots. Hopefully our data will help tourists choose destinations for short breaks in the UK where they can easily find holiday cottage accommodation but will have plenty to see and do.”

This post has originally been featured in Property Wire.