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Timber vs uPVC Vertical Sliding Windows

3 April 2020 | Construction

Looking for new windows can leave you feeling confused and stuck in the midst of the disadvantages and advantages of all the different kinds. We want to look at two different types of window and try to break them down for you, and help you make a decision. If you are looking for a vertical sliding window, we’re here to help. We are going to outline what we love about uPVC and Timber vertical siding windows, helping you choose your favourite one.

uPVC Windows

uPVC windows are probably the most popular material for windows in the UK right now. This applies to vertical sliding windows too, as you can get them manufactured in the material. uPVC is the recommended material when you are having double glazing, which so many people do nowadays, which probably contributes to the popularity of this material.

Timber Windows

Timber Windows

Timber windows have been used for many years, and this is due to their durability and long-lasting quality. Although no longer as popular as the uPVC windows, you can still see timber windows being used in many properties as they favour the look of the material.

Advantages of Timber Windows

Let’s start off with some reasons that we think that timber windows are great. As I previously, people love the aesthetic of timber windows, this is one of their main selling points. Timber windows look very traditional, this is a look that many people think you cannot get with other materials. We love the look of timber windows, but we certainly believe that you can replicate the traditional look and feel of timber windows with uPVC too.

Another factor that makes timber windows a great option, not just for your home, but for the greater good, is the environmentally friendly side. Of course, wood is a natural material, meaning that the production of this type of window is more environmentally friendly. But I am well aware that all manufacturers of all products in this day and age, put their all into ensuring that production is as environmentally friendly as possible, with it being such a hot topic in the modern day.

One of the most favourable things about timber windows is the amount of time that they can last. If you look it up, you will read many different amounts of times that people believe that they last, but one thing is for certain – they do last a long time. Many people believe up to 60 years! This is of course favourable as it means that they are a long term investment, and do not need replacing or updating as often.

Although you may believe that wood is easy to damage, timber windows are actually really durable. Wood is a naturally durable material, therefore it is able to withstand weather wearing and is safe and secure. Although it may not be quite as secure as more modern uPVC windows, there certainly would not be any security worries.

Advantages of uPVC Vertical Sliding Windows

Vertical Sliding Windows1

First of all, a brilliant advantage of uPVC windows is that they are much more cost effective than their timber counterparts. Although the price is lower than timber, this does not mean that quality is affected. uPVC windows share many amazing features that timber windows do, but the fact that the material is cheaper in production means that you will pay less for this. This is, of course, always a nice thing.

Although we mentioned durability in the timber section, we can certainly use durability as one of the main selling points of uPVC windows. The material used to create these windows is non-corrosive, meaning that there is no way that it can rust or rot, so the look of the window will remain perfect, providing that it is looked after. uPVC windows should withstand all weather without being marked or damaged.

This leads me on to talk about the maintenance of uPVC windows, due to the material that they are made of, to clean a uPVC window, you can simply wipe it down. This is not the case with other window types, which may need specialist treatment and may take more care and attentiveness. uPVC vertical sliding windows will remain clean and shiny, with not much more than a simple wipe and clean!

uPVC windows have a steel core, which means that they are extremely tough to break and damage. This is a fantastic feature of this type of window, because as well as being a part of your house that you want to look nice, you also want to ensure that your windows are safe. Security is not an issue when it comes to uPVC windows, and they will give you peace of mind.

On top of their secureness, uPVC windows are also very insulating. This is due to the fact that they generally have double glazed glass, which we all know is a great insulator. If you invest in a uPVC vertical sliding window, then you know that it will do a great job of keeping your house warm and cosy.

Now it’s up to you

After reading our thoughts on the two materials of window – we hope that you will be in a better position to make a decision on which type you want. You should be able to weigh up the options and make an educated choice.

This post has originally been featured in Residence Style.