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Things You Should Know Before Buying A New Mattress

21 May 2020 | Construction

It is always rewarding to lie on a comfortable mattress after a long day’s work. But choosing and buying mattresses is not a simple exercise.

You certainly cannot just pick random mattresses from your favorite store. That would cost you time and money, especially when you end up with a poorly-made mattress.

You have to pick the best mattress for your heavenly sleep. And, that entails the things you should know before buying a new mattress.

Here are Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Mattress:


  • Consider the size when you are choosing a mattress. Beyond the size, see how it fits your needs. If you an elongated, narrow mattress too limiting, then go for a double-size.

The bigger sizes: queen or king might also be too wide for you. However, these sizes are better than smaller ones simply by the extra space they offer.

If we were to say: always go for the bigger one.

  • Do not hurry in choosing and buying the mattress. It pays to be meticulous on it. Mattresses are difficult to spot from each other, even by brands. Some stores place multiple brands and tags on the same product.

If you are not keen on it, you can end up buying an expensive mattress that is intended to be less expensive when bought online.

  • Familiarize yourself with the mattress types. By doing so, you will know which quality to find. The top qualities users seek from mattresses are, respectively: firmness, softness, responsiveness, and overall comfort.

Do not settle for the expensive ones for these can potentially disappoint you. Some mattresses, despite their expected comfort, can end up losing some vital qualities that fit your personal needs. After all, comfort is subjective.

Therefore, always go for product testing and extensive research about and beyond the mattress types.

  • Do not be sold out immediately with the innerspring or latex mattress. Yes. Even the latex mattress.

The innerspring mattress, for one, can get too hot sometimes. It also gets too noisy, thanks to its metal coils.

The latex mattress, on the other, can get too hot and smelly, thanks to its chemical wrappings.

  • Do not be guilty over having to test mattresses out. It is your right. It is every buyer’s right to have their chosen mattresses tested out.

But even you opt for a test-out, do a sweep-out tour to every store in town. This should help you build strong comparative points.

Remember that choosing the perfect mattress is as serious as building a case, or running a survey for a thesis.

  • Do some research. Seek out for fair queen mattress reviews about certain mattresses. Finally, talk to people and ask them frequently about a potential mattress you’d like to buy.

Common Mattress Types:

Choosing and buying the best mattress without knowing its types is like going to war without a weapon. Needless to say, spotting the best mattress is easier when you can spot the common types.


Here are the common mattress types:

  • Air Mattresses

As its name suggests, the air mattress is unraveled using an air pump. When not in use, you can deflate it, fold it and store it for the rest of the day.

The air mattress is known for its buoyancy so that is often used as a flotation device. Certainly, this is not the only reason air mattresses are being purchased.

Air mattresses promote proper blood circulation and stronger support to the body.

  • Hybrid Mattresses

When we talk bout hybrid mattresses, we cannot help but talk bout their dual support systems. These systems are taken directly from existing mattress types: innerspring and latex.

Since both innerspring and latex mattresses cannot stand perfect all by their own standards, manufacturers willed to marry the two for the near-perfect result, the hybrid.

It is all worthy to note that the hybrid mattresses boast of extensive comfort, support, and durability. As a result, many users recommend these types.

  • Innerspring Mattresses

As the name suggests, the innerspring mattresses provide bounce and responsiveness to the body. They are able to do this because of a set of metal spring coils underneath.

However, the innerspring mattresses do not always hit it right with comfort. Some brands can be too hard. Worst, these mattresses sag in the long run, making it difficult to maintain.

  • Latex Mattresses

The latex mattresses are ventilated types that yield a cooler feel. The latex mattresses are described to be more springy. Users who don’t mind slight undulations may even find it comforting.

On the contrary, some users find the latex mattresses to be too hot especially during the summer. Users also report of emission of ‘bad’ chemical smell from underneath the latex foam.

  • Memory Foams

Memory foams are best for users with back problems. Made from memory gel, this type of mattresses firm in with the contour of the body. It wraps around softly to support the shape and then goes back up with every shift of weight.

Memory foams are also known for their high-density package, having been composed strongly of polyurethane. Its chemical content, some would say, unfortunately, react to temperature and body sweat.

They should also be quite handy.


There are certainly a lot of things one should know before buying a new mattress. After all, mattresses are not made to be cheap. They may be just made of layers of foams, but they surely undergo technological processing. Meaning, they should be costly and expensive.

Choosing and buying the best mattress is not only wise but also practical. It is the kind of task that appears mundane but actually requires one to do the homework.

In the end, ending up with the best mattress is a rewarding effort.

This post has originally been featured in Residence Style.