Tenants more anxious about their rights

11 June 2020 | General

Google searches for ‘can my landlord evict me’ have increased by 52% in two months of lockdown, research from Boiler Plan shows.

Another common thing to search for has been ‘responsibilities as a tenant’.

Residents in Bristol search for tenants’ rights on Google the most of the 20 cities analysed, averaging 540 searches per month.

The second city most unsure of their tenants’ rights is Belfast, with an average of 420 searches a month.

Despite the ban on tenant fees coming into force in June 2019, ‘can letting agents charge fees’ is the fourth-most asked question, and ‘what are tenancy fees’ is the sixth-most asked question.

Evictions are currently banned until 23rd August due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This post has originally been featured in Property Wire.