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Spain, Canada and France have most pull power

25 September 2020 | General

iProperty Management has declared Spain as the best country to invest in, based on annual global searches from people looking to move to the nation (690,360).

As of 2019, Spain is home to more than 624,000 foreign residents, around 10.3% of the country’s population. The country is particularly popular with people from the UK, with Brits making up 69% of expats in 2018.

Canada came in second – with lots of interest from the US (495,840).

After that comes France (484,800), where 7.3% of the population was made up of non-nationals in 2019.

Fourth and fifth are Australia (242,760) and Portugal (212,280).

In 2020, the world has an estimated 272 million international migrants.

This post has originally been featured in Property Wire.