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Simple Upgrades You Can do to Your House Right Now

11 June 2020 | Construction

If you have been living in the same house for the past few years chances are you are bored of looking at the same walls, your floorboards are creaky, wardrobe space is not enough, or the kitchen counters are outdated or you simply want to increase the value of your home there is only one solution for all these problems remodel or upgrade your home. 

You have probably gotten used to living with the small issues in your home and don’t want to fall into the hassle of upgrading your home, here are few more reasons why you should start planning now. 

  • Remodelling or upgrading your home will increase its market value. 
  • Go green! Change all the old appliances which are increasing your carbon footprint. 
  • Convert the unused carpet area into a usable area. 
  • Avoid the stress of moving into a new home. 
  • Give your home a new much deserved facelift. 

So now that you are convinced to take the leap and upgrade your home, let’s go through all the steps and help you plan a stress-free upgrade.  Incase this is going to be your first time or you are planning to remodel again here are some tips you can follow to have a successful and stress-free home upgrade. So without much ado let’s get started. 

  1. Planning is got to be the most important step while you are taking up a home upgrade project. Figure out which rooms in the house need attention on priority and start with those. In case all the rooms are in the same condition, then you should start with the rooms (kitchen, living room and bathroom) that are used the most as these rooms will enhance the value and look of your home when remodelled. 
  2. Set a budget and (try) to stick to it. You probably want to install all the best of appliances or renovate your kitchen in the exact same way you saw on Instagram or Pinterest but once you check the price of the appliances or those marble countertops your dreams are crushed. 

Hold on, you don’t need to be sad and give up on your vision as it can be still achieved by using a cheaper alternative. Search the Internet for Home Improvement Deals or discounts on furniture, appliances or upholstery

While planning the budget prioritize according to the condition of the room, appliances, flooring, or bathroom fixtures. You mite not need to change every single thing in a room, which will help you cut cost. Allocate a budget for every room this will make not going over your budget simpler. 

  1. Now that your budget is set and you have a list of things that need to brought, or refurbished you can start with the research. Thanks to all the information available on our finger tips you won’t need to go from store to store. While you mite have enjoyed the collection at your local home décor store, browsing for your requirement online is more convenient in the way of measurements and comparing costs. It’s also saving you a lot of time. 

One of the main reasons to research online is to check out the major discounts available, which will help you compare cost. 

Now that you have a plan in motion for your home upgrade here are few suggestions you can use for upgrading your Living room, Bedrooms, Kitchen and Bathrooms. 

Living room

Living room is one of the most used areas in any house, as we relax, socialize, entertain guest and play games. So while your planning remodelling your living room you need to keep in mind the multitude of functions it is used for. Areas to target while redecorating living room are, 

  • Paint either all the walls or just one wall to give the room a facelift. For example you can paint the opposite walls in contrast colors, or lighter shades of the same color. 
  • Flooring of your room is a focal point. You don’t need to redo the flooring completely it can be given a facelift with a new floor finish, or replace the carpet with a new one matching the rest of the décor and furniture. 
  • Accessorize your living room. You can even choose a theme like the season, or the latest trends. Some example are using throw pillows and blankets. 
  • Lighting enhances the look of the room. It can be used to create an ambience and mood by placing lamps, candles, chandeliers or lampshades. 
  • Last but not least the furniture. Invest in new furniture according to the current trend, or comfort. Or you can use the existing sofa or chairs by changing the upholstery with printed throws and pillows. 

Bedrooms are the easiest room to remodel which requires very little complicated and invasive work. Bedrooms can be given a quick and easy uplift by painting the walls, changing the curtains, window treatments, flooring and lighting. Some of the areas to target while remodelling the bedrooms are, 

  • Lighting been the most important one. The lighting in your room will help you relax, keep you awake or set the mood. You can try out a a single chandelier for the high ceiling, or space saving sones which are dimmer controlled. 
  • Flooring in the bedroom should be cozy and warm. Your bedroom floor should be friendly to bare feet and definitely not creaky. Try out a wall to wall carpeting, or an area rug over wood flooring. 
  • The bedroom is your personal space so give it your touch. Personalize your bedroom with pictures, plants, pillows. Or you can follow a theme like bohemian, Tuscan or contemporary. 


Kitchen is the heart of every house. It’s the one place where the entire family gathers together at least once in a day. Kitchen is also the most sort out feature when planning to buy or sell the house. While remodelling a kitchen keep in mind your usage like if you throw a lot parties, your cooking style, kid friendly, storage space and such. Some of the areas to target while remodelling a kitchen area, 

  • Kitchen is all about the appliances. Once you finalise all the appliances make sure to measure them as they have big implications on the layout. Invest in new appliances as they will help you reduce on your carbon footprint and power consumption. 
  • Storage space utilization is a must in the kitchen. No one likes clutter in the kitchen. Take advantage of the unclaimed wall or corner space with open shelves for display of spices, wine rack or crockery. 
  • Let in as much natural light and air in as possible. Incorporate a window in your remodel if possible. Or illuminate your kitchen with recessed lighting or pendant lighting. 
  • Countertops are the essence of a kitchen. Choose one which suits your needs easy to clean, durable and pleasing on the eyes. Quartz countertops are the most desired for their durability and look. 

Bathrooms remodelling is an intricate and involved job in terms of skills. Bathroom upgrades are all about plumbing, tile work, and electrical plug points. As bathroom is an essential space, it needs to be done on a tight schedule without making any errors. You can’t be left with leaky showers and bathtubs or uneven flooring. Some of the areas to target while remodelling a bathroom are, 

  • Install warm floors in your bathrooms as no one likes to wake up and walk on ice-cold tiles. Or you can use a programmed electric mat which will be warm when you wake up. 
  • Lighting in your vanity should be perfect as that’s the place used while taking care of your facial needs like shaving and makeup. Make sure you install light fixtures at eye level. Install side scones for better lighting. 
  • Make niches for toiletries rather than using chunky shower organizers. These will take up less space and are permanent. 

At last, we hope that we have helped you get started on your home upgrade planning with the points we covered. It’s basically a full-time job from planning, to staying on budget and schedule along with the house being a mess with things being moved around. But we hope you have fun upgrading your home and love the end result.

This post has originally been featured in Residence Style.