Sales of sound insulation rocket during coronavirus lockdown

25 November 2020 | General

The number of people purchasing sound insulation has hit an all-time high, driven by people installing products to dampen the sound of noisy neighbours.

The West Midlands manufacturer, has seen a 240% increase in sound insulating foam sales this year.

The top 20 cities for purchasing soundproofing are London, followed by Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Sheffield.

Charlie Barrett from said: “Pre-pandemic, our acoustic foam was being purchased mainly by recording studios and musicians such as drummers, who were converting garages or spare rooms into practice studios to help insulate the noise.

“But now we are receiving enquiries from people saying they need something to insulate their home from noisy neighbours, as they haven’t slept properly in weeks. There’s no evidence the trend won’t continue as the work from home culture benefits many industries.”

This post has originally been featured in Property Wire.