Revealed – what prospective tenants miss on viewings

19 November 2020 | Renting

Revealed - what prospective tenants miss on viewings

A new survey has highlighted what prospective renters and buyers are likely to miss during a property viewing.

The study, by the comparison website Comparethemarket, suggests that the most common issues missed until moving in are damp and mould, poor electrics and plumbing, cosmetic problems relating to walls or ceilings or internal fittings, and poor or no central heating.

Lesser issues related to too few or inconveniently located plug sockets, poor water pressure, and a lack of sunlight on the garden. 

The same survey reveals that 13 per cent say they don’t feel comfortable doing any thorough checks during a property viewing.

Of those who are comfortable, they mostly check basic such as windows and frames, cupboards and their doors, and asking ab out council tax and neighbours.

In comparison, the things people are least likely to do include lifting rugs, moving furniture to check underneath it, or videoing the viewing to play back in their own time.

When applied to buyers, the study shows – unsurprisingly – that first time buyers tend to miss more than experienced purchasers.

This post has originally been featured in Letting Agent Today.