Revealed a List of Best & Worst 500 Estate Agents in The UK

19 November 2019 | General

The estate agent review site has released figures on the UK’s best and worst estate agents.

It may not be loved by some agents, but the Trip Advisor-style review site for estate agents looks like becoming essential reading for consumers.

They’ve just published highlights from a soon to be published list of the 500 best rated and 500 worst rated property companies in the UK as voted for by the public.

The most interesting finding is that in the top 500 small single branch companies fared the best for positive customer service reviews with 67% of the places.

The chains (companies with more than 30 offices), in contrast, managed just one firm in the top rated 500. Medium-sized businesses (10-30 branches) didn’t fare much better with only 12.

However, not all small companies deliver – of the 500 worst rated agents, the majority group again was the single office operators with 55% of the ‘disapproving to shocking’ ranking places and the medium-chain agents (10-30 offices) coming a close second with 20%.

At branch level, the top 100 ranked individual branches are again dominated by the small companies and the single branch agents with 76% of the places coming from these categories. 24% of the top 100 branches were from medium and large chains.

It’s clear, says the report, “that some of the big players have some very highly rated branches and what stands out is that without the burden of being dragged down by the overall chain performance, these branches could be up there with the country’s best-rated providers.”

But against that, the large chains fared poorly in the worst 100 branches with 48% of the total.

“The feedback,” the report concludes, “highlights that we are more likely to have a good property experience with a smaller company. However, there are exceptions and so it is definitely well worth searching for customer reviews for every property agent before you short-list or buy.”