New ‘investor’ agency goes beyond traditional lettings services

15 October 2020 | Renting

New ‘investor’ agency goes beyond traditional lettings services

A new agency set up in Wiltshire says it goes beyond the traditional lettings services of existing operators, and instead seeks to maximise investment potential for landlords.

BiBO Property in Trowbridge has been founded by architects. In their promotional material they say that their understanding of planning constraints, budget management and adding value to property allows them to “help landlords and building-owners realise the full potential of their assets and deliver the best possible residential accommodation/“

Director Jamie Connor, a long-standing agent, says he’s trained as a ‘deal-sourcer’ meaning he is “analysing property deals for investors who want a firm, honest and realistic understanding of their returns.”

Another key player in the company – Pepper Barney – is an architect “with years of experience helping building and land owners visualise the potential of their property.” She has also completed development costing analysis training.

The pair describe themselves as “proud long-term renters”.

They say: “Together, we think Trowbridge deserves the best, and are very excited to invest in the town by growing our business here. 

“Over the next few months our ambition is to recruit locally and contribute to Trowbridge’s employment offer. Longer term, along with our sister companies we are hoping to help put residents much more at the heart of development in the town and will soon be moving into new premises – watch this space!”

You can see the agency’s website here.

This post has originally been featured in Letting Agent Today.