Mould? That’s the landlord’s duty, say most tenants

8 January 2021 | Investment

Mould? That’s the landlord’s duty, say most tenants

Two thirds of people believe mould is solely the landlord’s responsibility, with two out of five claiming they wouldn’t clean mould themselves, according to Uswitch.

The comparison service surveyed 2,000 adults across the country on 20 aspects of mould. It discovered that 64% of those who’ve experienced mould were tenants in private, social or student housing.

For those that have had mould:

  • 40% stated that they dried their clothes indoors.

  • 21% had furniture directly against walls.

  • 22% leave the kitchen or bathroom door open when cooking or showering.

  • 12% admitted to having a cluttered home.

  • 11% confessed to keeping the shower curtain folded when wet.

  • and 6% leave spillages.

Uswitch expert Sarah Broomfield says: “With the findings that the majority of those who experience mould are tenants, it’s advisable that they contact their landlord to come to an agreement on how to tackle it.”

“Tenants should also be aware that if they pay the heating bills themselves, they have the right to switch energy suppliers to find a cheaper deal.”

This post has originally been featured in Property Investor Today.