Mental health for agents is key topic at Rightmove webinar

3 December 2020 | Renting

Mental health for agents is key topic at Rightmove webinar

Rightmove is hosting a live webinar this morning to help agents protect and maintain mental health. 

Agents will be able to watch live or catch up on the Rightmove hub, and the event will be presented by guest speaker Della Judd.

The portal describes her as “an inspirational leader who has coached and mentored hundreds of professionals over the past 20 years.”

She will share expert advice on how to get your balance back and why it’s so important to start making time for yourself, including practical tips to put in place straight away.

Agents can sign up here.

For those unable to attend today’s webinar in real time, by signing up via the link they’ll be sent the webinar recording to watch on catch up.

Meanwhile one property company, The Mistoria Group, says the pandemic has put mental health into sharper focus more than ever before across the industry.

The firm says the property sector needs to look at ways of supporting staff through these challenging times.

“Twelve months ago one of our young staff members committed suicide and it was a massive shock for all of us and took us months to recover. Without doubt, this year have been very stressful for everyone within the property industry. Whether it has been worrying about catching Covid-19, redundancy fears, bereavement or the practicalities of working remotely, while home-schooling kids, landlords, investors, tenants and contractors have faced huge pressures this year” says Mish Liyanage, Mistoria’s managing director. 

“Business owners across the property sector have also been under incredible strain, dealing with challenging trading conditions, implementing the furlough scheme, managing staff working from home and reconfiguring their offices to make them Covid-secure for returning employees” Liyanage continues.

“The pandemic has perhaps highlighted the real need for change in terms of addressing employees’ mental health needs.  The industry needs to recognise the risks of mental health in the workplace and act on it to reduce the short and long-term impact.  

“It is important to give employees the chance to get professional mental support if they need it along with training, counselling and time off from work. Remote working has brought many advantages, such as cost savings and greater flexibility around family life, but there are undoubtedly drawbacks, such as loneliness.”

This post has originally been featured in Letting Agent Today.