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London is sixth most expensive city in the world for renting

31 July 2020 | Renting

A survey of 34 world cities suggests that London ranks sixth when it comes to the cost of renting.

The study, by jeweller service Purely Diamonds, produces this league table of average monthly rents:

1. New York City – £4,817.72;

2. Los Angeles – £3,840.07;

3. Venice – £3,386.36;

4. Las Vegas – £3,066.51;

5. Miami – £3,005.11;

6. Singapore – £2,827.36;

7. London – £2,751.90;

8. Amsterdam – £2,679.14;

9. Orlando – £2,674.13;

10. Dubai – £2,635.12.

The three cheapest were Ho Chi Minh City at £347.36 per month; Delhi on £357.92; and Chennai with a rate of £384.01.

The survey looked at the 34 cities most visited in the world and analysed them according to average rent, utility availability including broadband, safety, climate, pollution, the availability and cost of essential foodstuffs, transport costs, green space, culture and job opportunities.

Using a weighted ranking system, the survey assigned a score to each city. 

The 34 were: Prague, Athens, Venice, Rome, Chennai, Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Vienna, Barcelona, Milan, Dublin, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Mumbai, Dubai, Orlando, Miami, Amsterdam, Berlin, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Los Angeles, Paris, Seoul, London, New York City, Shenzhen, Osaka, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Tokyo. 

This post has originally been featured in Letting Agent Today.