Landbay unveils non-portfolio landlord products

3 March 2021 | General

Landbay has launched a number of buy-to-let products for individual landlords.

Rates on the products start from 3.14% for the two-year fixed rate and 3.44% for the five-year fixed rate to 75% loan-to-value.

The range comes with a free valuation for remortgages and a maximum loan size of £1m.

Paul Brett, managing director of Intermediaries at Landbay, said, “Now is a great time to invest in buy-to-let properties and demand in the buy-to-let sector is booming.

“Rent is increasing across the country, the stamp duty holiday is rumoured to be extended by three-months and house prices continue to rise.

“It is no surprise to see more and more first-time landlords looking to invest, and those with one or two properties looking to increase their portfolios.

“Adding these products to our already market-leading range will ensure we fully support this growing number of potential landlords.

“Combined with our new calculator, cutting-edge technology and exceptional service, our product range caters for every client, whether new to the sector, or purchasing their latest portfolio property.”

This post has originally been featured in Property Wire.