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Labour left-wingers join housing campaigns to oppose evictions

9 September 2020 | Renting

Labour left-wingers join housing campaigns to oppose evictions

The Momentum movement on the left wing of the Labour Party is joining forces with housing organisations to argue against private rental sector evictions.

Jennifer Forbes, a member of the national coordinating group of Momentum – the Labour grassroots movement closely identified with the former party leadership of Jeremy Corbyn – has written an article for left-wing newspaper Tribune calling for the creation of “an army of organisers” to oppose evictions. 

Forbes writes that the eviction issue can be used to “win people over through solidarity and collective action, and start to rebuild a mass working class base for the British socialist left.”

She urges working with two housing campaign groups – ACORN and the London Renters Union – “to actually stop evictions.”

Other objectives include to extend the current eviction ban until September 2021 “at least” and “legislate to force landlords to forgive all rent arrears accumulated during the pandemic with means-tested financial support to compensate small landlords where necessary.” She also wants the scrapping of Section 21.

Forbes – who was a Labour Parliamentary candidate in the last election – writes: “We’ve got a couple of weeks before the ban lifts to build an army of organisers across the country. It’s the tireless work of people on the ground which will make the difference between success and failure.”

The Momentum Twitter account has promoted the article, which it describes as “fantastic” 

Meanwhile Momentum is organising a virtual meeting called “Renters Fighting Back!” tomorrow, with speakers including a Momentum member who is involved in ACORN, and two speakers linked with the London Renters Union.

This post has originally been featured in Letting Agent Today.