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Labour claims hundreds of S21s during Lockdown1, despite ban

9 November 2020 | Renting

Labour claims hundreds of S21s during Lockdown1, despite ban

Labour claims over 350 households in London alone were issued with a Section 21 notice during the first lockdown in spring – and it says this shows why the government should fulfil its pledge to scrap S21 completely. 

The government pledged to outlaw Section 21 evictions in April 2019, and a consultation on the proposal ended over a year ago, in October 2019.

Now Labour’s London Assembly housing spokesman, Murad Qureshi, has written to the government asking for a timeline.

Qureshi has also called for the reinstatement of the mandatory evictions ban, saying: “Shelter is a basic need and a fundamental right, and we don’t want a desperate situation this winter where vulnerable people are once again left on the streets.”

He continues: “Even with the evictions ban in place, it is absolutely galling that hundreds of Londoners were forced to seek emergency help from their local council at the height of lockdown after being issued with a section 21 eviction notice.

“Over the last year, the government has failed to honour its pledge to scrap no fault evictions, despite announcing the policy to great fanfare. Ministers must stop dragging their feet on this.”

This post has originally been featured in Letting Agent Today.