Issues for Plumbing Pipe Replacement and Repair in Indianapolis, IN

13 May 2020 | Construction

A vast majority of homeowners and renters are prepared with the essential tools to handle some of the more minor plumbing situations that arise. Often, a toilet clog or a drain that’s become slow only needs a plunger or some prodding for them to work as they’re supposed to. Anyone who has a bit of handyperson skill can tackle most small repairs, including changing work out washers or the replacement of a drain cover. But it’s important to know when a job has reached the point where it is above your skill category and needs the qualifications of a professional repair technician.

Maintenance of the Plumbing System

Employing a regular maintenance routine is critical in the prevention of costly repairs to the home’s plumbing. Many times, plumbing problems will creep up on you with a surprise emergency. Investing in thorough inspections with a professional,, is key to finding the small issues before they transform into these massive problems. A leak hiding within the sink drain or under the water heater is more than an inconvenience. If neglected, these can result in damage to the structure with mold growing from water seeping into plaster or sheetrock. Any type of wood flooring or even porous tile has the potential to warp when it becomes wet.

Taking the time to invest in a professional inspection will give you a better look at the pipes and drains in your home. The inspector takes the time to investigate the garbage disposal, water heater, and each of the different plumbing systems involved in the house. Some more involved assessments may include lead testing, remote video inspection of the pipes, or filter system inspection.

When you take the time to invest in professional plumbing services, they will remove and clean the aerators for the faucets and the showerheads. They understand that sediment has the potential to build up and slow down the flow of water, which is something they will take care of with their maintenance. Other things that are taken care of include:

  • Garbage disposal cleaning along with the water heater
  • Treatment to drains to maximize the flow
  • Detection of leaks through pressure tests
  • Assessment of water pressure and subsequent adjustment

Generally, with professional plumbing services, they will come in and inspect all the pipes and drains to ensure that everything is clean and operating correctly. The service provides that there are no issues that may cause costly repairs for the future and fix anything that may instill a potential malfunction. If you think any possible defects need addressing, the technician will investigate and take care of these in addition to any problems they find in the process.

Drains that May Be Slow Or Clogged

There is a definite clog when the water in your sink, tub, or the toilet won’t go down. In a lot of instances, the plunger can solve the situation. A plunger will eliminate the clog using air pressure, but they can’t take care of it completely. A commercial cleaner for drains and clogs has the potential to damage some pipe materials when they are used too often. If there are a lot of clogs happening, it’s essential to deal with a professional. Even if there isn’t a complete clog, debris in the pipe slows the drain down to a trickle.

For homeowners, you should shine a flashlight into the drain to see if you can see what the problem is. Frequently, there are ways with tweezers to reach an obstruction in the pipes. Drain screens will act as a deterrent from materials finding their way into the pipes to clog the drains.

Calling A Professional Plumber

Some issues are above a homeowner’s skill and qualifications to tackle without the talent of a professional plumber maintaining the integrity of the home, including the following:

  • New pipe, tube, or toilet install
  • A requirement of building permit for new construction
  • Leaks in a septic tank
  • Breaks or leaks in sewer lines. For advice from beginners in plumbing go to this link.


If you have an extensive amount of plumbing issues, you must initiate services with a professional plumbing service to ensure that adequate repairs and the appropriate safety techniques are implemented. A good plumber or repair service can work with the complex network and plumbing design based on the age of the home and the age of the house for which the material may be different. DIY is not always the answer to resolve the issues you’re having. Often, it’s essential to have a well-organized, experienced technician to satisfy the job. In having a professional, you know that the pipe system in your home is up to the standards as required by your city.

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