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Husmus: The startup connecting landlords with good tenants

29 October 2020 | General

A service has launched which helps landlords vet their tenants called Husmus.

Using Husmus tenants can create ‘rent journals’ which contain details on their household, rental history and income sources, which can be shared with prospective landlords.

From next month landlords will be able to leave ‘postcards’ in which they describe the rental behaviour of their past tenants.

Husmus will verify the information contained in rent journals, assess affordability and rent payment history. Landlords can also view postcards left by previous landlords.

Sarah Wernér, co-founder and chief executive of Husmus said: “Everyone should be able to rent a home of their choice if they can afford it.

“It is our goal at Husmus to build trust between landlords and tenants by revealing true rental behaviour and enabling our users to base their rental decisions solely on that.”

The startup has helped over 1,000 landlords qualify tenants for their properties since launching in January 2020.

The company aims to attract landlords with fewer than 20 properties.

It has a partnership with No Letting Go, as the company’s chief executive Nick Lyons is a member of the Husmus board.

Husmus argues that past rental behaviour is far more important than credit checks.

This post has originally been featured in Property Wire.