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How You Can Add The Wow Factor To Your Window

22 May 2020 | Construction

Windows are one very fundamental part of any living space. It brings in the light, heat, and even fresh air into a room. And so it is safe to say that a window is the heart and soul of a place. But unfortunately, people tend to do the bare minimum on the decoration and care aspects of their windows, not realizing how great it would look if it were given more attention. We are all tired of the same old same old designs, so let’s give our windows a bit of a facelift. And the ways below are some of the ways to do just that.

Replace the curtains periodically

Most households still use curtains as the cover of their windows, but the one mistake many people make is possessing just one set. While that may look great in the beginning, after a while, it becomes a bit too monotonous. Tip number one on making your windows a great attraction is changing the curtains every once in a while. Go for a change in both color and texture and see how it will change the overall feel of the room.

Install some blinds

Install some blinds

If you thought the only thing that could dress your windows are curtains, you are highly mistaken. Blinds are another alternative that will, for sure, add some life to your windows. And you will not believe the choices you have when it comes to blinds. From Springblinds, you can get Zebra sheer shades, free valance cordless shades. Day and night dual shades, honeycomb shades, and so much more.

Consider installing sliding window units

If you are into unique construction pieces, why not take it upon yourself and install a sliding window in your home. No one has strict instructions that a window has to look a certain way; hence you are free to do what you wish, and having a sliding window is a great option. Not only will your window look great, but it means more natural light and fresh air into the room. Adding to more wow in the space.

Make the grills a piece of art

Make the grills a piece of art

Tired of the typical boring linear grills or grill patterns you see everywhere? So why not dig into your artistic self and look into inspiring design pieces that could become your grill pattern. Who said that work of art only has to be hanged like a painting, your window could become the centrepiece too.

Use painted glass

Painted glass is not something new. But it has been previously used in churches and other religious buildings only, but who said you could not bring the same into your home. If you do love the ambience of different hues reflecting in your home, then why not use them as the glasses on your windows. Such a window will save you from the need to buy curtains or any other covering. Feel free to play with kaleidoscopic patterns and tones.

You no longer have to stare at the same old window format we see almost every day. Give your window a makeover; it deserves it.

This post has originally been featured in Residence Style.