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How to Make Your Home Smart: Here Are 5 Tips for You

19 May 2020 | Construction

A smart home doesn’t have to include all the new and expensive tech gadgets in the world. With reliable internet service, you can network all internet-enabled devices already in your home together to create a smart home. There are so many ways a smart home will benefit you and your family. First, a smart thermostat will reduce your costs of heating and cooling the home, while a smart water heater will save more energy. The following tips are some of the important tips and steps in making your home smart;

Get a Reliable and Fast-speed Internet


First thing first, you can only build a smart home if you have a reliable Wi-Fi internet or Bluetooth technology. For smart home, an internet connection is a must. And in this case, you must have a good quality Ethernet cable that can help you get faster internet. Check your cable and make sure it is recommended for the speed of your internet subscription, otherwise, there will be inconsistencies in the functioning of your smart home devices.

Start with Lighting

Lighting and temperature changes will consume more electricity than you probably know, that is why you should make them smarter. If possible, replace the incandescent light bulbs with smarter LEDs.  The hub of the lighting components must be connected to the stable internet, and then you can program all the bulbs to your smartphone for easy control. You should get a starter kit for installing smart bulbs.

Get a Smart Thermostat


There is a wide range of smart thermostats you can find out there and some even come with in-built sound systems for the perfect entertainment. Once the device is connected to your internet and your cooling or heating system, you can use voice commands or control settings on it to regulate the temperature within your home.

Smart Security

Keeping an eye especially on your outdoor space is very important and there is a smart way to do that. Pay attention to surveillance video cameras with wider angles that can monitor your driveways, garage area, front porch, and back gate. There is a wide range of internet-enabled wide-field vision cameras you can remotely monitor and control on your smartphone even when you are not at home.  Some of these security devices will send alerts to your phone when motion is detected around the areas they cover.

Smart Entertainment


Fortunately, there are lots of entertainment devices you can install in your home today. Smart speakers like Google Alexa come with inbuilt speech and word recognition capabilities that allow you to change your music, listen to the radio, and control the volume of the device in all the rooms within the area. There are smart TVs that also work with the internet to personalize the contents you watch online. Smart entertainment keeps the family entertained and your family members can personalize what they listen to or watch at any time.


There are many other smart home devices you can opt for, in addition to the most important ones highlighted above. A smart cleaner with a handle sensor that opens automatically, is one option you should consider. This smart device comes with a suction feature near the floor that can suck in dirt and minor particles.

Smart washer dryers, smart helpers for plugging and unplugging devices on the wall, and smart dishwashers are just a few of the other smart devices you should consider making your home smarter. Perhaps you should consider checking on the features of each device you choose and their working range before purchasing them. There are smart devices that can work both indoors and outdoors, others don’t have such capabilities.

This post has originally been featured in Residence Style.