How to Automate a Pool?

19 June 2020 | Construction

Pool automation systems provide the convenience of controlling the pool operations through any mobile gadgets. The owner gets the total control of major pool operations and implements them from anywhere in the world. It provides features like thermal control, lighting control, cleaning the pool, chlorinating the pool, and managing various functions of your pool.

These systems are connected via the internet to operational gadgets. Smartphones are widely used to carry on these operations. While some of them may get the Alexa connecting options with them. These pool automation systems make life easier. You can manage your pool before going into it and that too from anywhere.

The pool automation system gets you to access to your pool functions from one single device only. You can control several of the equipment with just simple clicks from your Smartphone. These automation devices are very used for big and compound pools. Installing a pool automation system may not be an easy task. An individual may not be able to install these systems by themselves. Some brands and companies provide pool automation systems and take the responsibility to install them.

Few basic things are required to operate pool automation systems. Thing things include a stable WIFI connection, a good working Smartphone, and some time.

How does the pool Automation system work:

How does the pool Automation system work

Before using these pool automation systems, several electric and management work has to be done. Apply for fast internet service. A pool automation system requires a minimum of 3mbps speed to get into operation. Various online tools and applications are available to test the network speed and frequency.

Most pool automation systems available today have the feature of wireless connectivity. But you can also use a fiber cable network to connect the systems.

The most important component of an automation system is the central controlling unit. This controlling unit links all the pool devices together. This central controlling unit is responsible for commanding every device that works in the pool. A touchscreen unit is provided along with this automation system. In the case of a poor network or internet facility, this screen can give you all the access to your pool.

It won’t take much time to install a pool automation system. Implements are available that can convert your normal pool into a fully functional automated pool.

You can convert your basic pool into a Jacuzzi spa just with a touch of the screen. Later you have to install some applications and software in your mobile devices to get the control of your pool.

Features of a pool automation system:

  1. Coverts the pool into a spa- You can easily manage the temperature of the pool from anywhere.
  2. Keeps the pool clean- The system will clean the pool itself meanwhile you are on holiday.
  3. Lighting control- Before a party, you can select various party lighting options available in the automated system.
  4. Connectivity with voice assistance devices- Many pool automation systems has the option of Alexa connectivity with them.

Features of a pool automation system

Best pool automation systems:

While there are various pool automation systems in the market, You can check out some best pool automation systems here.

Hayward pool automation system: This system is best suited for the saltwater. It controls the pH of your pool and makes it a safer place to have enjoyed. This is a fully functional device.

Zodiac pool automation systems: This pool automation system provides the entire major feature at a very affordable cost. The system is very simple and efficient for small pools.


The pool automation systems are very good options for people with a lack of time. You get easy accessibility of all the comforts of your pool. You get the option to control the pool with your smart devices.

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