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How much space £231k buys you

20 October 2020 | General

People can purchase the most space in the West Midlands with £231,000 – the average house price in the UK.

The research, from self-storage firm Space Station, found that it buys you 104.92 square metres in the region on average.

It also buys you significant space in Yorkshire & the Humber (98.42) and Northern Ireland (98.2).

Unsurprisingly it buys you the least amount of room in London (45.74), followed by the South East (62.91).

Vlatka Lake, marketing manager at Space Station, said: “Our research really highlights the space and built-in storage you can get for your money, with some interesting findings.

“It’s great to see that more than half of the homes in Yorkshire and the Humber come with a garage space, as this is often a well sought after feature. However, there’s also a clear north/south divide at play here, which we can see from the amount of space on offer in southern homes versus those up north.

“Having more space is of course more appealing for many buyers, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be a deal breaker. There are plenty of innovative storage solutions people can use to make use of every inch of the home, even for some of those tiny London apartments – some of which we found to be as little as just 21 square metres!”

For the average UK house price, 26% of homes in the West Midlands include a garage and an average of 1.78 square metres of built-in storage such as wardrobes, cupboards or pantries.

A garage can add as much as 5% to the price of an average home, so those living in Yorkshire and the Humber are lucky, as more than half (54%) of homes in the region have a garage.

This post has originally been featured in Property Wire.