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How Can You Maintain Your Household Hygiene?

6 June 2020 | Construction

Have you been wondering about hygiene maintenance at home? It is undoubtedly imperative to keep your house clean no matter what the situation is. Your exposure to pathogens is definite, and it is insane to think about eliminating them from the environment. The appropriate way of keeping yourself safe is by maintaining personal and household hygiene. It keeps you healthy and reduces the risks of health hazards.

Maintaining hygiene at home gets a little problematic for the majority of people. Since the coronavirus pandemic, hygiene issues have been rising every day. People are rigorously finding more ways to maintain a healthy environment around them.

It all begins at home. There are specific areas of your home that should always be clean at all costs. Did you not find any methods for maintaining a more immaculate household? Don’t worry, here are the best ways that are easy to implement for keeping your home clean.


Shoes that you wear outside must stay out of the door—bringing them in means you are bringing all the dirt in your home. The dirt contains all harmful pathogens that can be dangerous for your health. Instead of carrying them in, remove the shoes on the main door. Keep a shoe rack on the entrance so that it is convenient for you to place them. This way, you can easily keep the house clean.



The atmosphere is the habitat of the majority of germs. If you keep the air clean, you can maintain a hygienic environment. You can do this by using air purifiers like HVAC filters. Once turned on, the air purifier extracts all the contaminants from the air, and you get a healthy air to breathe in. Now that you inhale fresh and cleaner air, you are safe from health risking organisms.


Dust particles quickly take over the place and allow various allergens to harm you. Vacuum the house daily so that your home stays dust-free. Why is it so essential to get rid of dust? Dust brings different particles like pollens into your house that can cause allergies. Skin rashes and flu are common dust allergies. Moreover, these allergies weaken the immune system, and other diseases can attack you as well.



Every corner of the house must be clean, but what about the floor? It is equally essential that the floor of your home stays spic and span. The need for spotless floors increases more when you have kids in the house. Shiny and clean floors keep contaminants away. The risk of catching infections increases if the floor is messy. Mop the floor with a disinfectant daily to stay safe.


Did you know that humans spend approximately 40 percent of their lives in bed? Since you spend so much time in bed, keep a check on the bedsheets too. Change them regularly and wash them according to the fabric requirements so that cleanliness is maintained. Do not wait for a long weekend to change bedsheets. Change them after every four to five days maximum and keep yourself safe from health issues.


Does your house have a garden or a backyard? If yes, then pay attention to its cleanliness too. Plants allow different insects to crawl in, and this means you are welcoming different microbes also. You need plants to keep the air fresh, but you do not need the rotten ones. They decompose and become a home for hazardous germs. Regularly cleaning the garden or backyard will also give a fresh appearance to your entire home.


The majority of germs reside in bins. The leftover food from the kitchen and dirty toilet paper in the bathroom are all perfect sites for bacteria to stay active. If you do not empty the bins at least once a day, there is a high probability for you to be exposed to dangerous bugs. These bugs can include Clostridium that is a stomach eater. Hence, use bin bags and discard the waste once every day.


If you are searching for natural ways to keep your home safer and cleaner, a little greenery might help. Bringing plants inside the house is a healthy practice. It is a natural air purifier, and you feel relaxed too. However, you would not want big plants that are difficult to maintain. Keep small plants and regularly water them.


How often do you sweep the bathroom? It sounds like a tricky question, but you must answer this one for sure. Certain bacteria only need a little moisture, and bathrooms are the perfect place for them.

The shower curtains are a good home for fungi, and it may cause severe skin diseases. You should clean the entire bathroom daily and keep it dry for more protection.


“Eat well to live well.”

Everyone is fond of this phrase for a long time. But what would happen if your food is not hygienic? Therefore, always maintain a clean kitchen for healthier cooking. Cooking in a sterile environment is the key to healthier bodies.



Hygienic households are always safe from bacteria and viruses that are continuously attacking humans. Keeping yourself clean is essential, but so is keeping the house clean. COVID-19 outbreak has made it clear that only hygiene can save lives. Considering the importance of a clean house, you should also focus more on tips that can help you maintain cleanliness at home. The discussed tricks are life saviors, especially for the people who have a hectic work schedule. Following these simple tips can help you have a cleaner environment. After all, a cleaner environment ensures your health and reduces the risks of health hazards. Always remember that personal hygiene and household hygiene go side by side.

This post has originally been featured in Residence Style.