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Households urged to plan for rise in boiler breakdowns  

8 December 2020 | General

With over 50% of domestic boiler breakdowns occurring between November and February, consumers need to plan ahead to ensure that their heating systems are ready for the cold weather.

For boilers that are already suffering from wear and tear, the increased strain of daily use can cause components to fail and breakdown. 

The warning came from consumer advice firm, The Heating Hub.

Jo Alsop, founder of The Heating Hub, said: “It’s no great surprise that boiler breakdowns rise during the winter months when we rely on our heating systems more frequently, but faulty boilers can leave households without heating or hot water when they need it most 

“With so many of us spending time indoors during lockdown or working from home, we are using our boilers more intensively, which places additional strain on worn systems. Consumers need to consider the health of their heating system before the cold weather really sets in to ensure it is ready to withstand the rigours of winter. 

“Proper boiler installation and setup should ensure that new heating systems last more than 20 years; twice as long as the current average boiler lifespan in the UK.

“Although out of warranty repairs are an ongoing cost, over the long term it is generally cheaper than multiple boiler replacements.

“Consumers should adopt the mindset that boilers can often be repaired, and budget accordingly, rather than assuming they need a brand-new boiler every seven to 10 years.” 

This post has originally been featured in Property Wire.