Home Appliances Service Guide: The Dos and Dont’s Of Hvac System Maintenance

6 June 2020 | Construction

Since the summers are already on full swing, people rely entirely on HVAC systems to get relief from blazing hot weather. Whether it is the midsummer madness or the chilly winters, HVAC systems are the only appliances to make your house comfortable. Even the fans and coolers fail to maintain the cooling in the high humidity of summers. In this case, more people tend to turn on their ACs more regularly. The HVAC systems are the long term investments in your life. It means that their maintenance is also essential to ensure their long-life. HVAC systems maintenance involves a lot of considerations to provide you comfort throughout several seasons.

People always seek affordable and straightforward means to keep their homes cool during the hot weather. The standard air conditioners cut up to 12% of the total electricity expenditure of the house, which is quite favorable. Not just the electricity bills, but regular maintenance is also an essential factor for HVAC systems. The yearly maintenance and checkups for repairs are incredibly crucial for trouble-free utilization. Dwellers of the southern United States enjoy trusted and reliable maintenance services for their air conditions and heat pumps.

However, many professionals AC maintenance requires particular deliberations for the system’s safety and preventative performance. With that said, let’s discuss the dos and don’ts of your HVAC system repair.




It is highly advised never to attempt to open the HVAC systems on your own, without any prior knowledge. By doing so, you will end up damaging the system, thus increasing the cost of repairs. As per professional recommendations, HVAC systems maintenance requires special tools and equipment that are only available to the technicians.

Professional technicians can quickly identify the problems and related issues for the HVAC systems and fix them right for you. It is better to perform this inspection twice every year to resolve any difficulties beforehand. Homeowners can easily find professionals for AC repair in Louisville, KY, to overhaul the air conditioners before the summer months knock the doors. Since these are complex systems, DIY work may never work and will worsen the problems for you. Not just that, but this way, you will likely void the product’s warranty.


Apart from hiring professionals for the system’s maintenance, replacing the filters is another prestigious practice for achieving efficiency. Every homeowner must replace the air filters of the air conditioners, after every few months. Not just the air conditioner, but furnaces and heat pumps also use filters for ensuring clean air in the house. The main reason for that is the filters can quickly get dusty because of the dust debris from the air. This dust clog hurdles the airflow, which leads to higher energy consumption and decreases performance.


Filters replacement is not much rocket science, and homeowners can do that conveniently. There is only one thing that must be present in mind that always turns off the HVAC systems before replacing the filters.


Closing the windows may sound absurd to some, but it has many energy-efficient benefits for your HVAC systems. Closing the windows will insulate more cooling, thus increasing the performance of the air conditioner. However, opening the windows means inviting dust, allergens, and pollution to your house, which puts your HVAC system to more work. The dirty air also leads to breathing issues for your family. It does not mean you must always close the windows. You can open the windows for some time in the morning to let in the fresh air into your space. You can also invest in curtains or blinds for better insulation.


Your AC ducts are always prone to leaks, which is a severe problem. Many people are often confused with the performance of their air conditioners. The AC ducts are the most critical structures, which need special care for achieving long-lasting performance. The leaks from the air ducts cause an adverse increase in electricity consumption, which results in higher bills. Moreover, these leaks also impact the cooling performance of the air conditioner. In this case, every homeowner must insulate the air conditioner ducts to prevent the leakage of cool air.



You do not always have to adjust the temperatures as maintenance for the HVAC systems. The HVAC system’s performance depends on the demand for the heat required in the house. Switching the temperature can result in severe performance issues with the arrangements. In this case, you must set the acceptable temperature and let the system work for more extended periods. This way, your system will not have to work more and also saves energy.



Never run the HVAC systems when you are going out for some time. Doing so will save a lot of energy and ensure the better performance of the system. One reason for that is that not every system is powerful enough to work straight for several hours. Continued working results in motor overheating and several other issues. In this case, every homeowner must turn off the system before leaving the house. You may also invest in a programmable thermostat to automatically shut down the system every time you leave the house.


Many people try to avoid the smell and noises coming out of their HVAC system, which is not something to be ignored. These smells and sounds are coming for a cause of concern. People only come to notice when the system gets damaged. However, using the proactive approach is always an excellent decision to lengthen the life of the system. If you smell or hear strange sounds around your HVAC system, always call the technician immediately to inspect the system for issues.


As discussed earlier, taking matters into your hands can result in severe damage to the system and yourself. Always pay attention to your safety and hire a professional technician to do the job for you.



HVAC are complex systems and must be maintained carefully to get long-lasting cooling and heating. In short, you must follow the essential measures for system maintenance. Always look for technicians that have a name and reputation for their work and perform correct maintenance on your HVAC systems.

This post has originally been featured in Residence Style.