Government urged to support landlords with grants and favourable lending

25 August 2020 | General

After extending the tenant eviction ban again the government needs to offer the same support for landlords, said David Alexander, joint managing director of property management firm Apropos.

He reckoned they should be supported with grants and lenders should treat them favourably.

Alexander said: “The government’s month-long delay in re-introducing tenant evictions is the right thing to do and welcome.

“However, there needs to be comparable, more visible, and active support for landlords during this time. If it is right to support tenants’ in financial difficulties, then it must be right to financially support landlords who will be impacted by this move.”

“Too often landlords are barely considered by government and they need as much support, both financially and with vocal support from ministers, as tenants do at this moment. This support should come in the form of grants, favourable bank lending and encouragement from lenders to be sympathetic and supportive of landlords many of whom will be experiencing financial difficulties.”

Alexander added: “It is essential that the UK government do all that they can to maintain stability in the private rented sector (PRS) which is the second largest provider of homes in the country.

“Many landlords are rightly concerned about their incomes and the viability of their properties and ensuring that they are supported as fully as possible is essential to maintain the security of the PRS.”

“There is always a danger of polarisation in the PRS with tenants on one side and landlords on the other. The truth is both sides need each other, and they all require the support of the state to get through this difficult period.

“Landlords need tenants and tenants need landlords.”

This post has originally been featured in Property Wire.