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Goodlord unveils facial recognition technology in referencing revamp

21 October 2020 | General

Property technology platform Goodlord has released a new version of its referencing service for letting agents to include bank-grade facial recognition technology and Open Banking capabilities.

Customers can use facial recognition to match photos of applicants to the photo on their ID to provide near-instant confirmation of tenants and guarantors’ identification.

Kat Wynne-Ellis, Goodlord’s head of referencing, said: “We’ve invested heavily in Goodlord’s referencing capabilities over the last 9 months and today we’re excited to release these new products.

“They are designed to meet the varying needs of our customers and offer them the perfect blend of people and technology solutions to get references back quickly whilst driving up quality.

“With the constant shift in customers expectations, the evolving regulatory landscape, and the possibilities afforded by technology, our customers can’t afford for us to stand still.

“We’re really pleased to be launching such a wealth of new features this week and introducing a more flexible suite of options for agents and landlords to choose from when it comes to our services.

“With reduced capacity for in-person appointment, features such as facial recognition are more important than ever for ensuring safe, compliant lettings.”

This post has originally been featured in Property Wire.