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Free online academy launched to help agents create video viewings

8 February 2021 | Renting

Free online academy launched to help agents create video viewings

A free digital training academy has been launched to guide agents on getting the best out of virtual viewings. 

Holofy Spaces, a PropTech supplier of an app which agents can use to help them create video tours via a smartphone, says its academy is split into three modules – basic, advanced and expert.

The basic covers the fundamentals of successful video creation – essential preparations like clearing space before filming, turning on lights and making sure the phone’s camera lens is clean and the microphone unobstructed.


It goes on to discuss how to pick a ‘hero video’ – a short preview which packs the biggest punch – before graduating to an accomplished two minute tour.

“When it comes to filming, agents need to make sure the first five seconds are as engaging as possible by starting the video with a visually pleasing view” explains Eduard Cristea, co-founder of Holofy Spaces.

“They also need to pan slowly, make sure they are at a distance of at least two metres when filming the overall layout of a room and remember to capture the smaller details.”

The academy’s second ‘advanced’ module provides agents with details like the use of a ‘proxy critic’, discussing potential dealbreakers and bridging the gap between representation and reality – activities which help build trust between viewer and agent.

“As they would be on an in-person viewing, agents need to be honest with remote viewers, highlighting disadvantages as well as advantages. Providing feedback from current owners or tenants also helps to build trust” Cristea suggests.

He says with today’s would-be tenants and buyers likely to be undertaking a high number of digital viewings, it’s important that agents set themselves apart. Although a digital viewing is not a physical meeting, first impressions still count and can generate word-of-mouth recommendations.

“If your personality shines through and you can match an applicant’s lifestyle during a viewing, your chances of success are that much higher.”

The final ‘expert’ module provides agents with advice on how to film owner or tenant testimonials about a property to show to applicants.

You can register for the academy here.

This post has originally been featured in Letting Agent Today.