Firm launches air control system which removes COVID-19 particles

12 August 2020 | General

Smart Buildings specialists OKTO Technologies has launched a ‘Wellness Division’, OKTOair, an Artificial Intelligence-led air filtration solution.

The filtration system has been proven during testing to remove a proxy virus for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, from the air with 99.98% elimination within 10 minutes and 100% in 45 minutes.

The system was originally designed to address and eradicate the problem of indoor air contamination and natural allergens and pollens.

The technology features a dashboard to keep occupants fully informed and updated on all aspects of air quality inside and outside their properties.

Philip Dowd (pictured), founder and managing director of OKTO, said: “Never before has the public need been more focused on feeling safe and protected in the home or work environment.

“We fast-tracked the launch of this system as a result of COVID-19 because we feel it will have a positive and helpful impact for hotels and businesses across the country as they reopen their doors.

“OKTOair elevates our Smart Buildings Technologies ethos to a new level by creating living spaces which enable occupiers to thrive and flourish.

“In the midst of the most densely populated and polluted city centres, where property prices are at a premium, our solutions offer optimum control, comfort, health, wellbeing and ultimately, peace of mind.”

The systems are available either as a stand-alone installation or can be included within Smart Building Systems, for which OKTO Technologies are already widely known.

This post has originally been featured in Property Wire.